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By Cases Computer Simulations

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

Imagine a rickety bridge with a lattice of walkways criss-crossing a terrible abyss. Each point of intersection reveals a test to pass, with failure resulting in death, the tests being a mixture of action, mental or aptitude tests. Perhaps it is merely coincidence or maybe the author has a superstitious streak, for there are thirteen such problems stored within the program, and these appear totally at random. The cassette claims that the tests include 'arcade games', but I've seldom seen the term used so loosely, for none would stand comparison with even the most modest such game.

The majority of the tests would be well within the capabilities of most children, although the speed of reading required is occasionally rather fast. In most cases, only a moderate level of thought and/or speed is required but the level of excitement is correspondingly low. The graphics and sound are rudimentary, a pity in a game designed for such a sophisticated machine. Whether an adult would find the game at all interesting is a matter of some doubt to me.

The only game I found at all challenging was one encountered at a pair of Obsidian (!) doors. Ob these are written a series of numbers, and the adventurer has to enter the next number in the sequence. Hardly stimulating, I hear you shout, but it's better than most of the others! No, this tape is pretty simple fodder which is not even particularly well programmed. There are a couple of errors in spelling and grammar, and the whole gives the impression of a pretty poor package.

Dave Reeder

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