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5 Computer Hits
By Beau Jolly
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 5.08

Croaker heads this compilation tape of five golden oldies and is similar to Frogger. Your aim is to dodge traffic on a busy road then use floating logs and turtles as stepping stones to cross a river.

Later screens become more difficult as crocodiles appear and the turtles dive. Graphics are well drawn with smooth character movement. Although the sound becomes a little monotonous it can be switched off.

The next game is Blagger, a platforms and ladders game with a burglar called, Roger the Dodger. With him you steal through 20 screens.

Unfortunately, most of the obstacles don't fit in with the scenario: Conveyor belts and disappearing platforms are fine but spaceships and railway engines are hard to explain, while giant mouths with gnashing teeth, although graphically effective, do not normally pursue even the most villainous criminal.

The sound effects are basic with the movement not always realistic resulting in Roger staying in the air for so long that Nureyev would begreen with envy.

Swag is next and another game for baddies where you must collect £250,000 in diamonds before your opponent. And you are dodging bullets and killer droids all the time.

The screen shows two houses where you and your opponent hide your ill-gotten gains, and also the bank where a deposit of gold allows you a further supply of bullets.

Police cars interfere with your progress but can be stopped after a drink "that refreshes parts others can't reach" and shooting at their car.

Graphics are excellent, sound is good, and the action is very fast, for my money the best game on the tape.

Millionaire is a simulation where you are head of a software company and must make the necessary decisions on marketing, including whether to trade with Honest Harry.

The program is virtually all text, graphics being limited to a picture of the type of office you occupy, starting from a terraced house.

The questions posed are reasonably representative ofthe sort of decisions that are made in business but too much depends on luck.

The last item is Bug Eyes 2, a multi-screen sequel to Space Agent Zelda Meets the Bug Eyes.

In the first game, Zelda took on the might of the Xxabaneans and was captured. Your job is to search their flagship and find the 25 keys to release her while avoiding the nasties.

Sound is good, and the graphics are composed of smooth moving chunky sprites. I especially liked the way that, as you exit each screen, one of Sir Clive's C5s is waiting for you. I rate Bug Eyes 2 and Swag as the best on this compilation and if you have neither of these it becomes excellent value.

The other games tend tobea little dated and I would not buy it for them alone but they are worth having to build up your collection.


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