2088 (Zeppelin Games) Review | Your Sinclair - Everygamegoing

Your Sinclair

By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #35


Derek Brewster's new label has yet to make much of an impact in chart terms, and I'm afraid this release is unlikely to alter that state of of affairs.

A space-based shoot 'em up, 2088 is efficient enough, but simply not addictive or different enough to get the pulse racing, jogging or even walking at a keen pace. Your job is to defend two alien ships which are evacuating their personnel from a planet whilst various meanies fire upon them, and plant exploding pods or whatever. About the only item of interest is a Centipede-like snake, travelling diagonally, which can be hard to avoid and difficult to destroy. Otherwise, forget it.

Marcus Berkmann

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