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EGG #009: PlayStation 4 (17th April 2017) (Nintendo (US Version), Magazine)

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Resident Evil: Biohazard (Capcom)
Amazing. It's not really a question of why you would want to play it; it's rather a question of why you wouldn't!
The Inpatient (Supermassive Games)
On many occasions you can't even move whilst characters talk amongst themselves slowly and dispassionately. Your role is simply one of being stuck in a bad stage play with no lines.
Thimbleweed Park (Limited Run/Lucasfilm)
For the first six hours I really enjoyed almost every minute of play. But it gets lost halfway through and it ultimately ends up being far too complex and weird to really be considered either fun or truly engaging. What a shame
Kholat (1Mgn)
A wonderfully realistic and atmospheric mountain adventure, a mountain on which you'll get lost a few times for sure. And, as for the plot, well, you'll also get lost a few times for sure too.
Blair Witch (Lionsgate)
I've played it through, and it was creepy and it was entertaining, but it was also far too messy to really be a classic.
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (Limited Run Games)
Dear Esther... You're interesting, but hey, you're dead. Dead boring. Yours faithfully, Dave E
Firewatch (Limited Run Games)
One of the best PlayStation 4 thrillers I have played... I struggle to see how this could be any more perfect in its execution.
Little Hope (Supermassive Games)
It's too dark, there's not enough interaction (particularly in the early scenes) and a lot of the things you discover are completely irrelevant. But, it has no plot-holes and it does work as a coherent whole story, and it's layered, and that makes it a very mature Choose Your Own Adventure indeed.
What Remains Of Edith Finch (Giant Sparrow)
A game you won't forget in a hurry. To be honest, you probably won't play it twice, but I think it may well be a game that you want to keep hold of, without exactly knowing why.
Here They Lie (Sony)
This is true horror - scary, claustrophobic, unfathomable, bloody and raw. It's already gained a cult following and it really is a work of art. If you haven't seen it yet, it's well worth experiencing.
The Invisible Hours (GameTrust)
I could have been praising The Invisible Hours as a landmark game that I would recommend to every armchair detective... Instead it turns out to be just very, very annoying.