Release v00000042 (Friday 07 April 2017)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Friday 31 March 2017 and Friday 07 April 2017. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Amiga 1200 (7)

Bloodnet Gametek 3.5" Disc
Charlie J. Cool Rasputin 3.5" Disc
Gloom Guildhall 3.5" Disc
Guardian Acid Software 3.5" Disc
Martin's Marvellous Adventure 21st Century 3.5" Disc
Super League Manager Audiogenic 3.5" Disc
TFX Ocean 3.5" Disc

Amiga 500 (39)

ATR: All Terrain Racing Team 17 3.5" Disc
Amiga Power 054 Future Publishing Magazine
Ants Kellion 3.5" Disc
Auriga F1 Licenceware 3.5" Disc
Aztex ECP 3.5" Disc
Battletoads Mindscape International Inc 3.5" Disc
Bloodnet Gametek 3.5" Disc
Bravo Romeo Delta Guildhall 3.5" Disc
Brutal Gametek 3.5" Disc
Bubble And Squeak Audiogenic 3.5" Disc
Club Football: The Manager Teque 3.5" Disc
Complete Chess System Oxford Softworks 3.5" Disc
Dawn Patrol Empire 3.5" Disc
Dragonstone Core 3.5" Disc
Embyro Black Legend 3.5" Disc
Excellent Gard Games 3 On Line Pd 3.5" Disc
F1 World Championship Edition Domark 3.5" Disc
Fears Guildhall 3.5" Disc
Hollywood Hustler Desert Star 3.5" Disc
It's Cricket Grandslam 3.5" Disc
Kick Off 3: European Challenge Anco 3.5" Disc
Manchester United: The Double Krisalis 3.5" Disc
Marathon On Line Pd 3.5" Disc
Martial Morphers F1 Licenceware 3.5" Disc
Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis Novagen Software Ltd 3.5" Disc
Obsession Merlin 3.5" Disc
Shadow Fighter Gremlin Graphics 3.5" Disc
Soccer Superstars Flair 3.5" Disc
Subversion Guildhall 3.5" Disc
Super Street Fighter II U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Switchquiz Switchsoft 3.5" Disc
Sword Of Honour Megatronix 3.5" Disc
Tactical Manager 2 Black Legend 3.5" Disc
The Clue Neo 3.5" Disc
Timekeepers Vulcan 3.5" Disc
Touring Car Challenge OTM 3.5" Disc
Tracksuit Manager 2 Alternative 3.5" Disc
Universe Core 3.5" Disc
World Of Soccer Challenge 3.5" Disc

Amiga CD32 (8)

Battletoads Mindscape International Inc Cd
Extractors Millennium Cd
Guardian Acid Software Cd
Jet Strike Kompart Cd
Simon The Sorcerer 1 Adventuresoft Cd
Speedball 2 Renegade Cd
Theme Park Electronic Arts Cd
X-Fighter Thalion Cd

Colour Genie (1)

Compiler Gumboot Software Cassette

Commodore 64 (7)

Boxing Manager 2 Cult Games Cassette
Cricket Captain Cult Games Cassette
First Past The Post Cult Games Cassette
FirstWORD 1st Publishing Limited 5.25" Disc
Scottish League Football Cult Games Cassette
The National Cult Games Cassette
World Cup Cult Games Cassette

Commodore 64/128 (2)

Gunfright Rod And Emu Cassette
Rubicon 21st Century Entertainment 5.25" Disc

Dragon 32 (1)

Sunken City Unknown Cassette

Nintendo 64 (EU Version) (2)

Banjo-Tooie (AU Version) Rare ROM Cart
Banjo-Tooie (EU Version) Rare ROM Cart

Nintendo Gamecube (EU Version) (1)

007: Nightfire Electronic Arts Optical Disc

PlayStation 2 (EU Version) (2)

Driver Parallel Lines: Steelbook Edition (AU Version) Atarisoft Dvd
Xyanide Resurrection Playlogic Dvd

PlayStation 4 (EU Version) (1)

The Evil Within Plus The Fighting Chance Pack (Limited Edition) Tango Gameworks Blu-Ray

PlayStation Vita (1)

Sensai Kagura: Estival Versus Marvelous Entertainment PlayStation Vita Card

Spectrum 128K (12)

Castlevania: Spectral Interlude Bum Fun Cassette
Foggy's Quest Bum Fun Cassette
Foggy's Quest Rucksack Games Cassette
Ooze Bum Fun Cassette
Renegade Bum Fun Cassette
Roboticks In Theory And Practice 1 Bum Fun Cassette
Roboticks In Theory And Practice II Bum Fun Cassette
Rodland Bum Fun Cassette
Saboteur II Bum Fun Cassette
Spherical Bum Fun Cassette
Target Renegade Bum Fun Cassette
Wanderers Bum Fun Cassette

Spectrum 16K/48K (1)

Bubble Frenzy Bum Fun Cassette

Spectrum 48K (2)

Fist-Ro Fighter Matra Cassette
Jet Set Willy: Heaven And Hell Irf Cassette

Spectrum 48K/128K (29)

Bouncing Bomb Redux Bum Fun Cassette
Castle Capers Gabriele Amore Cassette
Chicks And Bricks Bum Fun Cassette
Commando 2 Bum Fun Cassette
Crapbert Buttslut Bum Fun Cassette
Curse Of The Night Bum Fun Cassette
Dead Flesh Boy Bum Fun Cassette
F.I.R.E. Bum Fun Cassette
Heritage Bum Fun Cassette
Higgledy Piggledy Cronosoft Cassette
Husband Chores Bum Fun Cassette
Jet Story Bum Fun Cassette
Karlos Bum Fun Cassette
Lirus Bum Fun Cassette
Monty's Honey Run Bum Fun Cassette
Monty Mole And The Temple Of Lost Souls Bum Fun Cassette
Mysterious Dimensions Bum Fun Cassette
Phaeton Monument Microgames Cassette
Phaeton Bum Fun Cassette
Reductio Ad Nihilum Plus Marbles Of Wisdom Bum Fun Cassette
Saboteur Bum Fun Cassette
Sector Plus Sector Invasion Bum Fun Cassette
Sherwood: Defender Of The Realm Bum Fun Cassette
Skyscraper Of Doom Bum Fun Cassette
Streets Of Doom Plus Gangsta City Bum Fun Cassette
Tetris 2 Bum Fun Cassette
The Big Javi's Adventure Raul Carrillo Cassette
Tourmaline Bum Fun Cassette
Towdie Bum Fun Cassette

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2 (2)

Alter Ego Bum Fun Cassette
The Dark Bum Fun Cassette

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3 (1)

Metal Man Reloaded Bum Fun Cassette

Xbox 360 (EU Version) (2)

Gears Of War/Gears Of War 2 Microsoft Dvd
Thrillville: Off The Rails (EU Version) Lucasarts Dvd