Release v00000035 (Saturday 25 February 2017)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Saturday 18 February 2017 and Saturday 25 February 2017. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Acorn Electron (3)

1MHz Bus ACP/Pres Expansion
Adventure International Savage Island Value Pack Adventure International Cassette
Demonstration Acornsoft ROM Cart

Archimedes A3000 (13)

Aggressor Atomic Software 3.5" Disc
Arcpinball Shibumi Software 3.5" Disc
Blood Sport Matt Black 3.5" Disc
Break 147 & Superpool The 4th Dimension 3.5" Disc
Cartoon Line Part 1 Eterna 3.5" Disc
Chequered Flag CIS 3.5" Disc
Pac Mania Domark 3.5" Disc
Play It Again Sam 2 Superior 3.5" Disc
Saloon Cars Deluxe The 4th Dimension 3.5" Disc
Sensible Soccer European Champions Sensible 3.5" Disc
Small Virgo 3.5" Disc
Spheres Of Chaos Matt Black 3.5" Disc
Virtual Golf The 4th Dimension 3.5" Disc

Archimedes A3000/A5000 (1)

The Last Ninja Superior 3.5" Disc

BBC/Electron (5)

Astrocalc British Astrological Software Cassette
Junior Maths Part 1 Tynesoft Cassette
Junior Maths Part 2 Tynesoft Cassette
RTC Crewe Ashley Greenup Cassette
Turtle Logo Database Publications Cassette

European Machines (1)

Archimedes A5000 Acorn Computers Machine

MSX (1)

European Games Tynesoft Cassette