Release v00000016 (Friday 20 May 2016)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Thursday 28 April 2016 and Friday 20 May 2016. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Acorn Electron (2)

Stock Control Gemini Cassette
The Mine Micro Power Cassette

Amiga 500 (1)

Liquid Kids Ocean 3.5" Disc

Amiga CD32 (2)

Liquid Kids Plus Snow Bros Amigajay Cd
Unreleased Amiga CD32 Game Collection Amigajay Cd

Archimedes (13)

Ballarena Sisteme 3.5" Disc
Chocks Away V2 The 4th Dimension 3.5" Disc
Crisis CIS 3.5" Disc
Data Sweet Hampshire Microtechnology Centre 3.5" Disc
Freddy Teddy Topologika 3.5" Disc
Hangman Micro Aid 3.5" Disc
Impression 2 Computer Concepts 3.5" Disc
i-mage Irlam Industries 3.5" Disc
Keyplus Anglia Television 3.5" Disc
Mahjong Patience CIS 3.5" Disc
Tactic Eterna 3.5" Disc
Toby At The Seaside Sherston Software 3.5" Disc
Zillion Sherston Software 3.5" Disc

Atari 400 (2)

Dambusters Ndsl Cassette
River Rescue Creative Sparks Cassette

Atari 400/800 (2)

Venus Voyager 2 English Cassette
Word Olympics English Cassette

BBC B/B+/Master 128 (2)

Imogen Micro Power 5.25" Disc
Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less Domark Cassette

BBC Model A & B (4)

Algebraic Manipulation Acornsoft Cassette
Desk Diary Acornsoft Cassette
Konexion M And M Cassette
Text Print Extension Ratco Cassette

BBC Model B (26)

123 Compusoft Cassette
Angle Turner Arnold Wheaton Cassette
Battle Of Britain Betasoft 5.25" Disc
BBC Advanced Basic Course Honeyfold Cassette
Beat The Clock Arnold Wheaton Cassette
Cassette 10 Schoolsoft Cassette
Chemical Analysis Acornsoft Cassette
Danger Mower Logic Systems Cassette
Database Cosma Cassette
Easyplot Synergy Cassette
Fairshare Griffin Cassette
Helping Hands - Character Aslett Scholey Cassette
Home Accounts Gemini 5.25" Disc
Home Accounts Manager Ely-Dialog Cassette
Junior Wordsplits Sulis Cassette
Letterwriter Epsom Cassette
Mathematics Letts 5.25" Disc
Number Chaser Acornsoft/ASK Cassette
Phantom Combat Simulator Doctorsoft 5.25" Disc
Pontoon M And M Cassette
Statistics Rainbow Research Cassette
The Grammar Tree: Nouns & Adjectives Sulis Cassette
Time Stell Cassette
Time Traveller Sulis Cassette
Wordgames Griffin Cassette
Yie Ar Kung Fu Imagine 5.25" Disc

Commodore 64 (8)

Autocalc 64 Richard Shepherd Cassette
Caverns Of Khafka U. S. Gold Cassette
Count With Oliver Mirrorsoft Cassette
Fun To Learn Shards Cassette
Graphics Designer Supersoft Cassette
Graphics Editor Romik Cassette
Monster Maths Shards Cassette
The Hobbit Melbourne House Cassette

Commodore Vic 20 (1)

Time Slip And Treasure Island Griffin Cassette

Dragon 32 (5)

Electronic Author Smithson Computing 5.25" Disc
Kung Fu: The Master Preston 5.25" Disc
Preston Budget Collection Preston 5.25" Disc
Starship Destiny Pulser 5.25" Disc
Wild West Destiny Pulser 5.25" Disc

European Machines (6)

iPod Touch (First Generation) Apple Machine
iPod Touch (Fourth Generation) Apple Machine
iPod Touch (Second Generation) Apple Machine
iPod Touch (Third Generation) Apple Machine
PC Engine Nes Machine
PC Engine SuperGrafx Nes Machine

Game Boy Advance (1)

R-Type III: The Third Lightning DSI Games ROM Cart

iPod Touch (1st/2nd Generation) (1)

DJ Mix Tour Gameloft Download

Oric 1/Oric Atmos (1)

Oricaid Micrograf Cassette

Oric 48K (3)

Database Database Systems Cassette
Monitor And Disassembler Pasesoft Cassette
Worm Pasesoft Cassette

Oric 48K/Atmos (1)

Krocatile Waltz Superior Cassette

PC (Windows) (28)

Cholo Ovine By Design Download
Dan Dare: The Remake Ovine By Design Download
Driller: The Remake Ovine By Design Download
Echo The Mouse Ovine By Design Download
Flossy Racer Ovine By Design Download
Flossy Siege Ovine By Design Download
Galaxy Defender Ovine By Design Download
HamsterJam Ovine By Design Download
Hunters Moon: The Remake Ovine By Design Download
Meteor Ovine By Design Download
Model B Emulator Tom Seddon Download
Mole Attack: The Remake Ovine By Design Download
Monty Mole: Whac-A-Mole Ovine By Design Download
Ms. Mouth Trap Ovine By Design Download
Nemesis: The Remake Ovine By Design Download
Ovine Lander Ovine By Design Download
Paradroid: The Remake Ovine By Design Download
PotatoDust Ovine By Design Download
Quantasm Ovine By Design Download
Rinso And The Tentacles Of Doom Ovine By Design Download
Rocky Memphis And The Temple Of Ophuxoff Ovine By Design Download
Skyhawk Ovine By Design Download
Splatt! The Remake Ovine By Design Download
The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad: The Remake Ovine By Design Download
Total Eclipse Ovine By Design Download
Ultimate Bruce Lee Ovine By Design Download
Visual Boy Advance 1.02 Next Generation Emu Download
Wunda Flossy Ovine By Design Download

PC Engine (76)

1943 Naxat Soft Hu Card
Adventure Island Hudson Hu Card
After Burner II Sega Hu Card
Air Zonk Hudson Hu Card
Altered Beast Sega Hu Card
Atomic Robo-Kid Special Upl Hu Card
Batman Sunsoft Hu Card
Bikkuriman World Hudson Hu Card
Bomber Man '93 Hudson Hu Card
Bonk's Adventure Hudson Hu Card
Bonk's Revenge Hudson Hu Card
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure Hudson Hu Card
Break In Naxat Soft Hu Card
Chase H.Q. Taito Hu Card
China Warrior Hudson Hu Card
Columns Laser Soft Hu Card
Cyber Dodge Tonkin House Hu Card
Darius Alpha Taito Hu Card
Darius Plus Taito Hu Card
Die Hard Activision Hu Card
Dragon Spirit Namco Hu Card
Drop Rock Data East Hu Card
F1 Triple Battle Human Creative Hu Card
Fantasy Zone Sega Hu Card
Final Blaster Namco Hu Card
Galaga '88 Namco Hu Card
Gradius Konami Hu Card
Heavy Unit Taito Hu Card
Image Fight Irem Hu Card
Jaseiken Necromancer Hudson Hu Card
J J And Jeff Hudson Hu Card
Keith Courage In Alpha Zones Hudson Hu Card
Kick Ball Unknown Hu Card
Kiki Kai Kai Taito Hu Card
Klax Tengen Hu Card
Knight Rider Special Pack-In-Video Hu Card
Mizubaku Daibouken Taito Hu Card
Moto Roader II Unknown Hu Card
Mr. Heli Irem Hu Card
Naxat Open Naxat Soft Hu Card
New Adventure Island Hudson Hu Card
Operation Wolf Taito Hu Card
Pac-Land Namco Hu Card
Parodius Da Shinwa Kara Owarai E Konami Hu Card
Populous Hudson Hu Card
Power Drift Asmik Hu Card
Power Tennis Hudson Hu Card
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium Namco Hu Card
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91 Namco Hu Card
R-Type Hudson Hu Card
R-Type II Hudson Hu Card
Salamander Konami Hu Card
Shanghai Hudson Hu Card
Shinobi Asmik Hu Card
Skweek Infogrames Hu Card
Soldier Blade Hudson Hu Card
Son Son II Capcom Hu Card
Space Harrier National Extension College Hu Card
Special Criminal Investigation Taito Hu Card
Spin Pair Media Rings Corporation Hu Card
Splatterhouse Namco Hu Card
Super Volley Ball Unknown Hu Card
Tatsujin Taito Hu Card
The New Zealand Story Taito Hu Card
The Ninja Warriors Taito Hu Card
Thunder Blade Sega Hu Card
Tiger Road Capcom Hu Card
Time Cruise II Face Hu Card
Toilet Kids Media Rings Corporation Hu Card
Victory Run Hudson Hu Card
Vigilante Irem Hu Card
Volfied Taito Hu Card
Winning Shot Data East Hu Card
World Circuit Namco Hu Card
Xevious Namco Hu Card
Youkai Douchuuki Namco Hu Card

PC Engine SuperGrafx (1)

1942 Counter Attack Unknown Hu Card

Sega Game Gear (EU Version) (15)

Journey From Darkness: Strider Returns U. S. Gold ROM Cart
Olympic Gold: Barcelona '92 U. S. Gold ROM Cart
Streets Of Rage Sega ROM Cart
The Incredible Hulk U. S. Gold ROM Cart
The Jungle Book Sega ROM Cart
The Lion King Virgin Games ROM Cart
The Lion King Virgin Games ROM Cart
The Lion King Virgin Games ROM Cart
The Lion King Virgin Games ROM Cart
The Ottifants Sega ROM Cart
The Ottifants Sega ROM Cart
Wimbledon Sega ROM Cart
Winter Olympics: Lillehammer 94 U. S. Gold ROM Cart
World Class Leader Board Sega ROM Cart
World Cup USA '94 U. S. Gold ROM Cart

Sega Game Gear (US Version) (9)

Aladdin Sega ROM Cart
Columns Sega ROM Cart
Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck Sega ROM Cart
Ms. Pac-Man Namco ROM Cart
Pac-Man Namco ROM Cart
Sonic Chaos Sega ROM Cart
Star Wars U. S. Gold ROM Cart
The Jungle Book Disney ROM Cart
The Lion King Disney ROM Cart

Sinclair ZX81 (3)

Edutape 1 JRS Software Ltd Cassette
Spelling Bee Image Software Ltd Cassette
Tiny Logo Softchoice Cassette

Sord M5 (6)

Billy Ball At The Hatchery Stainless Cassette
Breakout Hamsoft Cassette
Intrigue Cgl Cassette
Spiders/Simon/Granny Cgl Cassette
Sprite Routines Hamsoft Cassette
Tank Attack Hamsoft Cassette

Spectrum 48K (8)

3D Noughts And Crosses Quicksilva Cassette
Azimuth Adjustment Program And Head Cleaning Tape Kiltdale Cassette
Blam Control Cassette
Blockbuster Argus Press Cassette
Double Decker Mfm Cassette
Forth FP50 Hampson And Lord Cassette
Richard Adam's Towel H H Towels Cassette
Vampire Killer Scorpio Gamesworld Cassette

Super Nintendo (US Version) (1)

R-Type III Jaleco Entertainment ROM Cart

TI99/4A (36)

Atlantis Intrigue Cassette
Beetle Stainless Cassette
Beginning Grammar Texas Instruments ROM Cart
Billy Ball Plays Catch Stainless Cassette
Bouncer Extended Cassette
Bowls Stainless Cassette
Cassette File Handling B. Jackson Cassette
Core Christine Computing Cassette
Crazy Fun House Timeless Cassette
Demolition Division Texas Instruments ROM Cart
Display Enhancement Package Stainless Cassette
Diver Warwick Cassette
Flip Flap Stainless Cassette
Gem Grabber Stainless Cassette
Hen House Galaxy Ltd ROM Cart
Home Financial Decisions Texas Instruments ROM Cart
Invasion Stainless Cassette
Match Halves/Match Colours B. Jackson Cassette
Minus Mission Texas Instruments ROM Cart
Multiplication 1 Texas Instruments ROM Cart
Music Maker/TI Ludo/Charset 1 PiKaDee Cassette
Oldies But Goodies - Games 2 Texas Instruments 5.25" Disc
Operation Moon Lantern Cassette
Pengi Stainless Cassette
Program Index B. Jackson Cassette
Rainbow Softi Cassette
Robin Hood Stainless Cassette
Spude Christine Computing Cassette
System - 4A Priory Computers ROM Cart
The Beetle Run Stainless Cassette
The Wall Stainless Cassette
TNT SP Cassette
Torment Lizard Games Cassette
Torpedo Alley/Ascot Stakes Lantern Cassette
Totaliser B. Jackson Cassette
Walls And Bridges/Zombie Mambo Stainless Cassette

TRS-80 Models I & III/Colour Genie (1)

Delta Tau 1 Molimerx Cassette