Release v00000013 (Monday 04 April 2016)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Wednesday 30 March 2016 and Monday 04 April 2016. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Atari 400 (2)

Tarot Card English Cassette
Time Machine Fantastic Cassette

BBC Model B (13)

Additional Fun Shiva 5.25" Disc
Alphabet Opal Soft Cassette
Decimals Chalksoft Cassette
Discs And The BBC Mgb Software Support 5.25" Disc
HMS Home Accounts Harris Mccutcheon Systems 5.25" Disc
Keys Compusoft Cassette
Lightcycles Paen Systems Cassette
Molecule Bridge Cassette
Number Rally Longman Cassette
Nursery Rhymes Compusoft Cassette
Optics Compusoft Cassette
Screenplay Compusoft Cassette
Sets And Operators Shiva 5.25" Disc

Colour Genie (12)

Beat The Wolf Home R_j_greenway Book
Chewing Gum January/February 1985 Gumboot Software Magazine
Chewing Gum March/April 1985 Gumboot Software Magazine
Chewing Gum May/June 1985 Gumboot Software Magazine
Demon's Lair Plus Games Pack Dark Concept Cassette
Full Screen Editor Gumboot Software Cassette
Jumbo 747 Gumboot Software Cassette
Lunar Lander Arcade Games Cassette
Megapede Arcade Games Cassette
Quasimodo Kingsoft Cassette
Sucker Arcade Games Cassette
The Hunch Jadis Cassette

Commodore 64 (226)

0 Grad North Ariolasoft 5.25" Disc
1000 Miglia Volume 1 Unknown Cassette
100% Dynamite Ocean Cassette
10th Frame Erbe Software S.A. Cassette
10th Frame U. S. Gold 5.25" Disc
10 Great Games 2 Gremlin Graphics Cassette
10 Great Games 3 Star Games Cassette
123 Silverbird Cassette
1942 ECP Cassette
1943 Kixx Cassette
1st Division Manager Codemasters 5.25" Disc
20 Tons 64 Tape Computing Cassette
2 Hot 2 Handle Ocean Cassette
2 On One: L. A. Swat Plus Panther Mastertronic 5.25" Disc
30 Games Argus Press Cassette
3D Construction Kit Domark Cassette
3D Speed Duel DK Tronics Cassette
3D Time Trek Anirog Cassette
3d Tunnel New Generation Cassette
4th And Inches U. S. Gold Cassette
4th And Inches Accolade 5.25" Disc
4th And Inches Team Construction Disk Accolade 5.25" Disc
4x4 Off-Road Racing Epyx Cassette
4 Most Big Hits Alternative Cassette
4 Most Warzone Alternative Cassette
4 Most World Sports Alternative Cassette
4 Soccer Simulators Codemasters Gold Cassette
5th Gear Hewson Consultants Cassette
Aaargh Virgin/Mastertronic Cassette
Accolade Comics Steve Keene Private Spy Accolade 5.25" Disc
Ace 2 Cascade 5.25" Disc
Ace 2088 Unknown 5.25" Disc
Ace Air Combat Simulator Unknown 5.25" Disc
Action Force Unknown Cassette
Addictaball Paxman Cassette
Admiral Graf Spee Temptation Cassette
Adventures Of Barsak The Dwarf Gilsoft Cassette
Adventure Construction Set Electronic Arts 5.25" Disc
Africa Gardens Gilsoft Cassette
After Burner Sega 5.25" Disc
Airwolf Elite 5.25" Disc
Airwolf 2 Encore Cassette
Alcatraz Probe Software Ltd Cassette
Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Mastertronic Plus Cassette
Alcon Taito 5.25" Disc
Alien Mind Games Cassette
Alien Mind Games Cassette
Alien 3 Acclaim Cassette
Alien Rescue DK Tronics Cassette
Altered Beast Activision 5.25" Disc
American Football Mind Games Cassette
Apache Strike Activision 5.25" Disc
Aqua Racer Aackosoft Cassette
Arachnophobia Unknown 5.25" Disc
Archon 2: Adept Electronic Arts 5.25" Disc
Archon The Light And The Dark Unknown 5.25" Disc
Arkanoid: Revenge Of Doh Imagine 5.25" Disc
Ark Pandora Rino Cassette
Army Moves Imagine Cassette
Asylum All American Adventures Cassette
ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter Unknown Cassette
Atomino Psygnosis Cassette
Atomix Thalion 5.25" Disc
A.M.C. Dinamic 5.25" Disc
Badlands Tengen ROM Cart
Ballistix Sizzlers Cassette
Bangkok Knights Unknown Cassette
Basil The Great Mouse Detective Gremlin Graphics 5.25" Disc
Bat Ubi Soft 5.25" Disc
Beaky And The Egg Snatchers Fantasy Cassette
Beam Magic Bytes 5.25" Disc
Bedlam Go! Cassette
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Muse Cassette
Beyond Dark Castle Activision 5.25" Disc
Beyond The Ice Palace Encore 5.25" Disc
Biff Beyond Belief Cassette
Bismarck Datasoft Cassette
Bismark Argus Press Cassette
Bizy Beezzzz Solar Cassette
Black Magic Datasoft 5.25" Disc
Blades Of Steel Konami 5.25" Disc
Blazing Thunder Hi-Tec Cassette
Blinky's Scary School Zeppelin Games 5.25" Disc
Blockbusters TV Games 5.25" Disc
Blood Money Psygnosis 5.25" Disc
Blue Max Synsoft Cassette
Blue Max 2001 Synsoft Cassette
Blue Thunder Unknown Cassette
BMX Freestyle Codemasters Cassette
Bobsleigh Byte Back Cassette
Bomb Jack Encore Cassette
Book Of The Dead CRL Cassette
Bop 'N Wrestle Mindscape International Inc 5.25" Disc
Bored 2: The Boggit CRL Cassette
Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Revenge First Star Cassette
Boulder_Dash_3 First Star 5.25" Disc
Bozo's Night Out Taskset Cassette
Bozos Night Out 000 Taskset Cassette
Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge Martech 5.25" Disc
Bride Of Frankenstein 39 Steps Cassette
Bubble Ghost Accolade 5.25" Disc
Budokan: The Martial Spirit Electronic Arts 5.25" Disc
Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games Tynesoft Cassette
Bug Blaster Alligata Cassette
Bug Bomber Global Cassette
Burnin' Rubber Software 64 Cassette
Buzz Off Electric Cassette
B.C.'s Quest For Tyres Software Projects Cassette
Cabal Imagine Cassette
California Games Epyx Cassette
Captain Blood Mindscape International Inc 5.25" Disc
Captain Fizz Meets The Blaster Trons Psyclapse 5.25" Disc
Captain Kelly Quicksilva Cassette
Card Sharks Share Data Cassette
Carnage Zeppelin Games Cassette
Carriers At War 1941 1945 Unknown Cassette
Castle Vania 1 Konami 5.25" Disc
Cave Fighter Blue Ribbon Cassette
Championship Baseball Gamestar Cassette
Championship Golf Cult Games Cassette
Championship Sprint Proein Soft Line Cassette
Chicago 30s Topo Soft Cassette
Chickin Chase V3 Firebird Cassette
Chips Challenge U. S. Gold Cassette
Chop N Drop Activision 5.25" Disc
Circus Adventure International Cassette
Classic Punter GTI Software Cassette
Classic Snooker Anco Cassette
Cohens Towers Datamost 5.25" Disc
Coil Cop 000 Epyx 5.25" Disc
Colossus Chess 4 Aackosoft Cassette
Conan Datasoft 5.25" Disc
Connect 4 Atlantis Cassette
Continental Circus Mastertronic Plus Cassette
Contra Konami 5.25" Disc
Core A 'n F 5.25" Disc
Cosmic Commando Anirog Cassette
Cosmic Pirate Byte Back Cassette
Country Cricket D&H Cassette
Critical Mass Erbe Software S.A. Cassette
Curse Of Babylon 0 5.25" Disc
Cyberball Tengen Cassette
Cyberworld Eurogold 5.25" Disc
Cyberworld Eurogold Cassette
Cyrus 2 The Grand Master Alligata 5.25" Disc
Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau Creative Sparks Cassette
Dark Castle Three Sixty Cassette
Davids Midnight Magic Ariolasoft Cassette
Days Of Thunder Edos 5.25" Disc
Days Of Thunder Edos Cassette
Deactivators Reaktor 5.25" Disc
Deadline Commodore 5.25" Disc
Deadly Evil Players Premier Cassette
Death Or Glory CRL Cassette
Death Sword Epyx 5.25" Disc
Defender Of The Crown Mirrorsoft Cassette
Demons Kiss Byte Back Cassette
Demon Blue Micro Value 5.25" Disc
Demon Blue Micro Value Cassette
Demon Knight Argus Press Cassette
Denaris Top Shots Cassette
Derby Day CRL Cassette
Desert Fox Avantage 5.25" Disc
Destroyer Epyx 5.25" Disc
Destroyer Escort 0 5.25" Disc
Detective Argus Press Cassette
Devils Island Gilsoft Cassette
Diamond Trail Gilsoft Cassette
Die 3 Er Reihe Von Virgin Virgin Games 5.25" Disc
Die Alien Slime Mastertronic Plus Cassette
Die Hard 2 Die Harder Grandslam Cassette
Dino Wars Magic Bytes 5.25" Disc
Dizzy Prince Of The Yolkfolk Codemasters Cassette
Doctor Who And The Mines Of Terror Micro Power 5.25" Disc
Doctor Who Dalek Attack Admiral 5.25" Disc
Donkey Kong Junior Nintendo ROM Cart
Dot Gobbler Mr. Computer Products ROM Cart
Double Dare Gametek Cassette
Dragon Wars Interplay 5.25" Disc
Drelbs Synsoft Cassette
Drop Zone 0 Cassette
Dungeon Adventure Level 9 Computing Cassette
Dynamite Dan Silverbird Cassette
Echelon U. S. Gold Cassette
Elevator Action Bug Byte Cassette
Elvira The Arcade Game Flair 5.25" Disc
Escape New Generation Cassette
Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters Tengen 5.25" Disc
Espionage Grandslam 5.25" Disc
European Soccer Challenge Players Cassette
Everyones A Wally Sparklers Cassette
Eye Of Horus Fanfare Cassette
Fig Forth Romik Cassette
Four Action Hits Action Cassette
Frenzy Micro Power Cassette
Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker Activision 5.25" Disc
Gridrunner 2: Attack Of The Mutant Camels Hesware ROM Cart
Invasion Argus Press Cassette
Lander Channel 8 Cassette
Leader Board: Executive Edition U. S. Gold Cassette
Manic Miner Software Projects Cassette
Milky Way 64 Tape Computing Cassette
Nuclear Embargo Micropool Cassette
Orion Quest Mind Games Cassette
Phase 4 Channel 8 Cassette
Power Pack XXX Commodore Format Cassette
Power Pack YYY Commodore Format Cassette
Red Hawk Melbourne House Cassette
Red Hawk Melbourne House Cassette
Robocity 64 Tape Computing Cassette
Sheepoid Dx Plus Woolly Jumper Psytronik Cassette
The Activision Decathlon Activision Cassette
The Ball Game Electronic Zoo 5.25" Disc
The Bard's Tale Electronic Arts 5.25" Disc
The Bard's Tale 2: The Destiny Knight Electronic Arts 5.25" Disc
The Big Sleaze Piranha Cassette
The California Raisins Box Office Cassette
The Cool Croc Twins Arcade Masters Cassette
The Corporation Activision Cassette
The Dam Busters U. S. Gold 5.25" Disc
The Dolphin's Rune: A Poetic Odyssey Mindscape International Inc 5.25" Disc
Tie Break Ocean Cassette
Timezone Channel 8 Cassette
Transector 64 Tape Computing Cassette
Up, Up And Away Starcade Cassette
When Superpowers Collide: Baltic 1985 Corridor To Berlin Strategic Simulations Inc. 5.25" Disc

Commodore 64/128 (36)

10 Computer Hits 2 Beau-Jolly Cassette
10 Computer Hits 4 Beau-Jolly Cassette
2 On One: Bump Set Spike Plus Olympic Skier Mastertronic 5.25" Disc
4 Most Action Alternative Cassette
4 Most Adventures Alternative Cassette
4 Most Airpower Alternative Cassette
4 Most Balls Boots And Brains Alternative Cassette
4 Most Fight And Fright Alternative Cassette
4 Most Fun Alternative Cassette
4 Most Horror Alternative Cassette
4 Most Megaheroes Alternative Cassette
4 Most Speedstunts Alternative Cassette
4 Most Sport Alternative Cassette
4 Most Super Sports Alternative Cassette
4 Most Toppers Alternative Cassette
4 Quattro Adventure Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Cartoon Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Coin Ops Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Combat Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Fantastic Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Fighters Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Power Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Racers Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Skills Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Sports Codemasters Cassette
4 Quattro Super Hits Codemasters Cassette
Aftermath Alternative Cassette
Arcticfox Ariolasoft Cassette
Bad Dudes Data East 5.25" Disc
Cholo Firebird 5.25" Disc
Classic Trainer GTI Software Cassette
Deep Strike Encore Cassette
Elven Warrior Players Premier 5.25" Disc
Eye Endurance Games 5.25" Disc
She Vampires Alternative Cassette
The $100,000 Pyramid Box Office 5.25" Disc

Commodore 64/Vic 20 (1)

Cataclysm Software 64 Cassette

Dragon 32 (2)

Decode Tandy/Dragon Compusense ROM Cart
Tee Off Dragon Data Cassette

Dragon 32/64 (1)

Physics 1 Nwbc Cassette

Oric 1/Oric 48K (1)

Oric Golf R&R Cassette

PC (Windows) (31)

Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings Unknown Cd
Age Of Mythology Microsoft Cd
Age Of Mythology: The Titans Expansion Microsoft Cd
Descent II Interplay Cd
Descent III Interplay Cd
Deus Ex Invisible War Eidos Cd
Dig Dug Deeper Infogrames Cd
Doom II ID Cd
Half Life 1 Anthology Valve Cd
Halo: Combat Evolved Gearbox Cd
Heretic ID Cd
Hexen II ID Cd
Juggernaut: The New Story Head Games Cd
Lands Of Lore III Westwood Studios Cd
Lords Of Magic: Special Edition Microsoft Cd
Lords Of The Realm II Sierra Cd
Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge Lucasarts Cd
Nox Westwood Studios Cd
Sim Farm Maxis Cd
Star Craft Blizzard Entertainment Cd
Star Craft II: Wings Of Liberty Blizzard Entertainment Cd
Star Craft: Brood War Expansion Set Blizzard Entertainment Cd
Star Trek: Klingon Academy Interplay Cd
Star Wars Jedi Knight Lucasarts Cd
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries Of The Sith Lucasarts Cd
Tales Of Monkey Island Lucasarts Cd
The Lord Of The Rings: War Of The Ring Microsoft Cd
The Secret Of Monkey Island Lucasarts Cd
The Wheel Of Time Legend Entertainment Company Cd
War Craft III: Reign Of Chaos Blizzard Entertainment Cd
War Craft III: The Frozen Throne Blizzard Entertainment Cd

PlayStation 2 (EU Version) (1)

Pinball Hall Of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection Play-It Dvd

Spectrum +3 (1)

Factfile 500: General Science Kosmos 3" Disc

Spectrum 48K (4)

Acheron's Rage Softek Cassette
E. T. Adventure Macronics Systems Cassette
Galaxians Softek Cassette
Kiddisoft Magazine Kiddisoft Cassette

TI99/4A (8)

3d Star Trek Stainless Cassette
Armada Stainless Cassette
Bouncing Bugs Stainless Cassette
Caveman Warwick Cassette
Galactic Zoo-Keeper Microsonic Cassette
Hunchback Havock Lantern Cassette
Nomad Stainless Cassette
Spring Heeled Jack Stainless Cassette

Xbox 360 (1)

Fantasia Music Evolved Disney Dvd

Xbox One (EU Version) (1)

Fantasia Music Evolved Disney Dvd