Release v00000012 (Wednesday 30 March 2016)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Wednesday 23 March 2016 and Wednesday 30 March 2016. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Acorn Electron (2)

Maths Level 1 (Age 4-6) Ampalsoft Cassette
Read Right Away 3 Highlight Cassette

Amiga 500 (3)

Amiga Power 001 Future Publishing Magazine
Amiga Power 003 Future Publishing 3.5" Disc
Amiga Power 003 Future Publishing Magazine

Amstrad CPC464 (7)

Angelique: A Grief Encounter Nemesis Cassette
Brawn Free! Nemesis Cassette
Digger Barnes Cable Cassette
Maxam Arnor Cassette
Mystery Of The Java Star Shards Cassette
Starwatcher Amsoft Cassette
The Ring Of Darkness Wintersoft Cassette

Atari 400/800/XL/XE (2)

Decision In The Desert U. S. Gold Cassette
Decision In The Desert U. S. Gold 5.25" Disc

BBC B/B+/Master 128 (1)

Anion-3 Ash73 5.25" Disc

BBC Model B (6)

ABC Compusoft Cassette
BetaBase Clares 5.25" Disc
Help Beebug ROM Chip
Identikit Stell Cassette
Music (7+) Argus Press Cassette
Tax Calc BBCSoft/BBC Publications 5.25" Disc

BBC/Electron (1)

Chemistry 1 Sunland Cassette

Camputers Lynx (2)

Games Pack 3 Gem Cassette
Games Pack 4 Gem Cassette

Colour Genie (1)

Arrow Of Death Part 1 Molimerx Cassette

Commodore 64 (25)

Arrow Plus Stack Computer Services Cassette
Assembler Monitor 64 First Publishing 5.25" Disc
Castle Of Jasoom Quicksilva 5.25" Disc
Cavelon_1 Jetsoft Cassette
Eiffel Tower Chalksoft Cassette
Firstword First Publishing 5.25" Disc
Fistful Of Fun Alligata Cassette
Forecaster Collins 5.25" Disc
Forth+ Melbourne House Cassette
Glider Pilot CRL Cassette
Gogo The Ghost Firebird Cassette
Henry IV Part 1 Penguin Cassette
Julius Caesar Penguin Cassette
Macbeth Penguin Cassette
Multisound Synthesizer Romik Cassette
Note Invaders Chalksoft Cassette
Pascal 64 First Publishing 5.25" Disc
Pengon Microdeal Cassette
Romeo And Juliet Penguin Cassette
Sprite Machine Anirog Cassette
Super Huey U. S. Gold Cassette
Talladega Audiogenic Cassette
The Merchant Of Venice Penguin Cassette
The Pettigrew Chronicles Shards Cassette
Twelfth Night Penguin Cassette

Dragon 32 (1)

The Soft Seven T D Copsey Cassette

Dragon 32/64 (1)

Tiny Touch 'N Go Dorling Kindersley Cassette

MSX (5)

Booga-Boo The Flea Quicksilva Cassette
Flight Path 737 Anirog Cassette
Sprite Editor Electric Studio Cassette
The Bulge Argus Press Cassette
The Snowman Quicksilva Cassette

Oric 1/Oric 48K (1)

Battle Flight Stour Computing Cassette

Oric 1/Oric Atmos (1)

3D Battlestar Defence Topaz Cassette

Oric 48K (1)

Multi-Games Pack 2 Tansoft Cassette

PC (Windows) (1)

WinUAE 3.2.2 WinUAE Team Download

Sinclair ZX81 (7)

Computerized Diet Softchoice Cassette
Fastload Softchoice Cassette
High Resolution Graphics Odyssey Computing Cassette
Mr. Munchee Softchoice Cassette
Signals/Morse Code Softchoice Cassette
Speed Snake Softchoice Cassette
Wrath Of Kong Softchoice Cassette

Sord M5 (3)

Dragon Attack Computer Games ROM Cart
Solitaire/Tower Of Hanoi Computer Games Cassette
Tank Battalion Computer Games ROM Cart

Spectrum 48K (10)

Alien Destroyer Kuma Cassette
Arena/Alien Swarm K-Tel Cassette
Armageddon Silversoft Cassette
Burlabeast Kerian Cassette
Don't Buy This Firebird Cassette
Fantasic Voyage Quicksilva Cassette
Gyron Firebird Cassette
Intermediate Astrology Scisoft Cassette
Pavlov Foolproof Cassette
Xaviour PSS Cassette

TI99/4A (31)

A.B.M. Control/Cavern Hunt Fantasia 99 Cassette
Adventuremania Intrigue Cassette
Auto Sound Utility Stainless Cassette
Battleships Stainless Cassette
Battle Over Titan Timeless Cassette
Blackbeard's Treasure Timeless Cassette
Character Generator Maiden Cassette
Charming Softi Cassette
Diablo Timeless Cassette
Escape From The Planet Brontitor Bp Cassette
First And Last Stainless Cassette
Games Pak 3 Timeless Cassette
Get The Geese Off/Word Race Solway Software Cassette
Kong Extended Cassette
Kong Stainless Cassette
Ledger Program Stainless Cassette
Maths Flash Astronaut Stainless Cassette
Postman's Knock Lizard Games Cassette
Quadrablitz Stainless Cassette
Quasimodo Intrigue Cassette
Quicker Qwerty Stainless Cassette
Roboactive Absolute Cassette
Snout Of Spout Intrigue Cassette
Spy's Demise Stainless Cassette
Sums Are Fun/Taking Away For Fun Stainless Cassette
Tank Atak Stainless Cassette
Tex-Bounce Funnelweb Farm Cassette
TI Cricket Dromeda Cassette
Toad Graphics Timeless Cassette
Tumbledown Tower Solway Software Cassette
U.F.O. Christine Computing Cassette

Xbox One (EU Version) (1)

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Deep Silver Dvd