Release v00000006 (Saturday 30 January 2016)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Monday 25 January 2016 and Saturday 30 January 2016. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Amstrad CPC464 (4)

Amstrad Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner Melbourne House Book
Colossal Cave Adventure Duckworth Cassette
Flexifriend Camel Cassette
Mountain Palace Adventure Duckworth Cassette

BBC Model B (3)

Bandit Compusoft Cassette
Space Mission Simulator Compusoft Cassette
The Music Box Selective Cassette

Commodore 64 (29)

3D Lunattack Hewson Consultants Cassette
Africa Safari Simulated Interdisc Cassette
Azimuth 3000 Interceptor Micros Cassette
Bingo Tynesoft Cassette
Black Knight Simulated Interdisc Cassette
Caesar's Travels Mirrorsoft Cassette
Chartbuster Alligata Cassette
Creator's Revenge Mogul Cassette
Domino 6/Domino 9 Challenger Cassette
Doodle Quicksilva 5.25" Disc
Empire Shards Cassette
Flyer Fox Tymac Cassette
Kengo Kong Mogul Cassette
Knightmare Romik Cassette
Mr. Wiz Superior Cassette
My Secret File Mosaic Cassette
Neoclypse PSS Cassette
PCW Games Collection Century Cassette
Poker Duckworth Cassette
Prediction Birthday File Blandford Press Cassette
Rolf Harris' Picture Builder Commodore Cassette
Show Crazy Ssoft Cassette
Skyline Attack Century Cassette
Stellar Dodger Terminal Cassette
Strontium Dog And The Death Gauntlet Quicksilva Cassette
Supermind/Diamond Code Challenger Cassette
The Jewel Of Power Slogger Cassette
UK Geography Superior Cassette
World Geography Superior Cassette

Commodore Vic 20 (2)

Meter Mania Abrasco Cassette
Test Your Child: Arithmetic Commodore Cassette

Oric 1/Oric Atmos (3)

Can You Count? Mellowsoft Cassette
Can You Spell? Mellowsoft Cassette
Pure Flash No Man's Land Cassette

Playstation 2 (1)

Kuri Kuri Mix Empire Dvd

Sinclair QL (1)

QL Chess Sinclair Research Microdrive

Spectrum 48K (5)

Intermediate Geography Scisoft Cassette
Intermediate German Scisoft Cassette
Intermediate Maths Scisoft Cassette
Intermediate Science Scisoft Cassette
Kosmic Pirate Elephant Cassette

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3 (1)

Jet Set Willy: The Nightmare Edition JSWMM Cassette

TI99/4A (7)

Aries Stainless Cassette
Jester Harlequin Cassette
Kamikaze Stainless Cassette
Looey Harlequin Cassette
Mars Mine Lander H Taylor Cassette
Maths Race Firefly Cassette
Rock Storm 2 Harlequin Cassette

Xbox 360 (1)

Child Of Eden Ubisoft Dvd