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Thumbnail of Cannibalator (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Cannibalator (Trabitboy)
Amstrad CPC464Hero Magic (IronDevs)
Thumbnail of Elliot (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Elliot (Approxbit)
Thumbnail of Tomcat (Acorn Atom)Acorn AtomTomcat (Kees Van Oss)
Amstrad CPC464Maze Adventure (Piterayo)
Amstrad CPC464The Grenades Conquest (Subxplosion)
Amstrad CPC464Hire Hare (CNG Soft)
ZX VegaEl Stompo (Monument Microgames)
Amstrad CPC464Dragon Attack (Bitplane Technomantes)
Amstrad CPC464Ring Ring Warrior (Aberrantes)
Amstrad CPC464The Legend Of Anubis (Core Studio)
Dragon 32Copter Patrol (J. Morrison Micros)
Thumbnail of VirusDog (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464VirusDog (CPC Power)
Thumbnail of Amsthrees (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Amsthrees (Glasnost Group)
Thumbnail of Outlaws (Amstrad CPC464)Amstrad CPC464Outlaws (Retrobytes)
Amstrad CPC464Hair Boy (Carlos Sevila)
Amstrad CPC464Ice Slider (Ego-trip)
BBC B/B+/Master 128Mountain Panic (Retro Software)
Amstrad CPC464Count Duckula 2 (Alternative)
Thumbnail of Waxworks (Dragon 32)Dragon 32Waxworks (Channel 8)
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