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Spectrum 48KAndroid Two (Vortex)Although there is only the one difficulty level, this seems to have been pitched just right - difficult enough to frustrate but not so that you want to quit.99%
TI99/4AToad Graphics (Timeless)As well as giving beginners an introduction to computer programming, Toad Graphics should be interesting to the more experienced programmer who would like a change from programming in Basic.99%
BBC Model BSpace Adventure (Virgin Games)Superb graphics... The only problem I had with Space Adventure was in prising my friends away from it.99%
Spectrum 48KMatch Day (Ocean)A real masterpiece, and a must for your collection, even if rather expensive.99%
Spectrum 48K/128KAdding And Subtracting (Widgit)Wholeheartedly recommended for children of pre-school or infant plus age.99%
BBC Model BCaesar The Cat (Mirrorsoft)Maddeningly addictive and challenging... Should be in everyone's software collection.99%
Spectrum 16KFroggy (DJL Software)Unreservedly recommended to frog lovers everywhere.99%
Spectrum 48KCyclone (Vortex)Stunning... The best game I've seen in months.99%
Spectrum 48KFinance Manager (Oxford Computer Systems)In my opinion value for money, and could pay for itself in certain circumstances.99%
Spectrum 16K/48KJunior Education (Calpac Computer)A question is asked, an answer given; if correct the picture at the top is built up, if wrong another try is allowed.99%
Amiga 500Elite (Firebird)Don't hesitate to buy it...! The complexity of the game draws you in, but it also gives you a lot to learn.98%
Commodore 64Ballblazer (Activision)The best sports simulation on the C64... Fast, smooth and glitch free split screen display... Instant high speed addiction.98%
Commodore 64Mercenary: Escape From Targ (Novagen Software Ltd)A classic. Fast, effective 3D vector graphics and some very good sound effects.98%
Commodore 64Alter Ego: Male Version (Activision)This is incredible! The author's a genius! Original, unusual, compelling, varied... When you're bored of life, you'll be bored of Alter Ego.98%
Commodore 64Spindizzy (Electric Dreams)A helluva lot of game for your money. Exploring and mapping the hundreds of different screens is compulsive stuff.98%
Commodore 64/128World Games (U. S. Gold)The state of the art... Yet another quality Epyx production with eight compulsive events for a tenner.98%
Spectrum 48KThe Humpty Dumpty Mystery (Widgit)A really slick, professional package, which will teach and test you as well as your children.98%
Dragon 32Invaders Revenge (Microdeal)A very good game... It really deserves its five star rating - I thoroughly enjoyed it.98%
Amstrad CPC464Fruity Frank (Kuma Computers)Another superb program from Kuma Computers, who really have set an industry standard for quality software.98%
Spectrum 48K/128KThe Last Jedi (Amazing Games)Excellent value, with hours of intrigue... although marred by some spelling mistakes.98%
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