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Amstrad CPC4642 Hot 2 Handle (Ocean)A spicy little compo from the Ocean posse, combining a couple of bouts of beat-'em-up action, an excellent film tie-in and a reasonable racing sim.72%Read
Amstrad CPC464TNT 2 (Domark)It's a shame indeed that Domark should take its leave of the Amstrad market with such on old pile of didgeridoos as this.34%Read
Amstrad CPC464Quattro Fantastic (Codemasters)With a fab new game included, Quattro Fantastic is probably the best Quattro pack yet.81%Read
Amstrad CPC464Quattro Fighters (Codemasters)The best game is SAS Combat Simulator... The rest are passable.43%Read
Amstrad CPC464Double Dare (Alternative)The questions are too difficult and the challenges never happen, but Double Dare is still fairly fab.72%Read
Amstrad CPC464Movie Premiere (Elite)Full marks for variety - minus a hundred for the actual games.50%Read
Amstrad CPC464Ninja Collection (Ocean)All three of the featured games are reasonable but not brilliant beat-'em-ups.61%Read
Amstrad CPC464Toyota Celica GT Rally (GBH)It's so hard to keep the car under control that all you will see for your first dozen or so goes is lots of smashed windscreens. A bit dull.90%Read
Amstrad CPC464F-16 Combat Pilot (Action Sixteen)The disk version will please people annoyed at the distinct lack of budget software on disk, but look at that price (2 more than the Amiga version!).90%Read
Amstrad CPC464Multimixx 4 (Kixx)There's an excellent two-player mode, but this pack is basically just three versions of the same game.85%Read
Amstrad CPC464Ghouls 'N Ghosts (Kixx)Ignore the graphics and it's quite fun, a platform game with lots of natural hazards together with lots of unnatural ones.71%Read
Amstrad CPC464Fun School 4: For 5-7 Year Olds (Europress)Graphics certain to appeal to kids. Educational yet fun!93%Read
Amstrad CPC464Helvera: Mistress Of The Dark (Wow)Overall, this is an excellent game considering the price asked. Great value and very entertaining indeed!82%Read
Amstrad CPC464Space Crusade (Gremlin Graphics)Space Crusade is a game and a half. You'll finish this... but you'll still want to play it again.91%Read
Amstrad CPC464Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (Storm)We've seen it all before, but Double Dragon 3 is very professionally done.81%Read
Amstrad CPC464Captain Planet And The Planeteers (Mindscape International Inc)At first glance, looks reasonably spiffy... but appearances are deceptive. It's dull, difficult, deficient, demoralising drivel.37%Read
Amstrad CPC464Last Ninja 2 (The Hit Squad)Who's hitting who? What's that over there? Where am I? Why won't my chap move in the direction I want him to? Oh, I give up, I'm going home.31%Read
Amstrad CPC4643D Pool (Kixx)It's not all that sophisticated, and it's quite hard to get as precisely lined up for a shot as you'd like, but 3D Pool is a neat game nonetheless.82%Read
Amstrad CPC464Rainbow Islands (The Hit Squad)A vertically climbing platform game in which your hero climbs screens and bops naughties with these sweet little rainbows! Double, triple cute with extra chocolate on top.89%Read
Amstrad CPC464Super Seymour Saves The Planet (Codemasters)Super Seymour is a Bombjack clone. Unfortunately, rigor mortis got to this format before Codemasters did.31%Read
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