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Acorn ElectronExile (Superior/Acornsoft)The animation is fast and incredibly realistic - I marvelled at the way Finn was bundled head over heels by a blast from the stun cannon.8
Acorn ElectronExile (Superior/Acornsoft)Exile is certainly a contender for the best Beeb arcade adventure for a long time.
Acorn Electron10 Computer Hits 3 (Beau Jolly)Despite the criticisms there are enough first class games on the two tapes to make this compilation very good value overall.8
Acorn Electron10 Computer Hits 3 (Beau Jolly)As with all Beau-Jolly's compilations, 10 Computer Hits 3 represents excellent value for money, even taking into consideration that some of the better games are currently available for £2 or less.
BBC/ElectronJet Set Willy II (Tynesoft)The author, Chris Robson, has made each screen a separate series of puzzles for which a solution is often obscure.8
BBC/ElectronJet Set Willy II (Tynesoft)The game is similar to the original but Willy's mansion has been extended and contains a lot of new rooms - over a hundred now, according to the inlay card.
BBC/ElectronJet Set Willy II (Tynesoft)A real success.8
Spectrum 48K/128KOperation Gunship (Codemasters)Operation Gunship is the best budget game of this month, well worth a Smash.90%
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2Gregory Loses His Clock (Mastertronic)Gregory Loses His Clock is simply wonderful! Buy it today, and I guarantee you will never regret it.91%
BBC/ElectronNightworld (Alligata)I was not addicted to this game, but if you like arcade adventures you will find it interesting and different.6
BBC/ElectronNightworld (Alligata)The quality of the graphics is high, with excellent title pages and various shades of colour to produce the vault pictures.
BBC/ElectronNightworld (Alligata)If you're looking for a game for Christmas, Nightworld will disappoint you - try and find something better.
BBC/ElectronNightworld (Alligata)There isn't a single game that even comes close to its absurdity, neither in its Alligata stablemates nor the offerings from other software houses.
BBC/ElectronJoe Blade II (Players)Well worth a look.7
Acorn ElectronRepton Infinity (Superior/Acornsoft)Repton Infinity is a definite must for any disc user who prefers a little thinking to straightforward 'zap the aliens' type of software.
Acorn ElectronRepton Infinity (Superior/Acornsoft)The biggest case, the thickest manual, four great games with two sets of screens each and an amazing program creator that enables you to write your own Repton games in Reptol - a new arcade games writing language.10
Acorn ElectronRepton Infinity (Superior/Acornsoft)This latest incarnation of that loveable green skinned reptile has got to be the best yet.10
BBC/ElectronZenon (Impact)If Impact can produce more games at the same price with the same excellent quality graphics as Zenon, but with more to them than just zapping aliens, the result might be nice little earners.8
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