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BBC B/B+/Master 128Balls (Yes Marketing)Balls is a game that deserves to do well.9
BBC Model BGalactic Firebird (Kansas City Systems)I certainly enjoyed it.
BBC Model BStarquake (Bubble Bus)Buy it - it's great.
BBC Model BBattle Of Britain (Betasoft)Acornsoft has set the shoot-'em-up flying standard with Aviator. This Spitfire does not compute.
Acorn ElectronFootball Manager (Addictive Games)I doubt that this game will ever be bettered.6
Acorn ElectronFootball Manager (Addictive Games)It really is a very gripping game as you battle through, plagued by injuries and financial worries, but the joy of that lap of honour round the living-room after you've thrashed Spurs 5-0 in the Cup Final makes it worthwhile.
BBC B/B+/Master 128Rainbow's End (D. D. Green)You won't get better value for money anywhere.
BBC Model BFrak (Aardvark)The graphics are superb.
BBC Model BFrak (Aardvark)The later screens further indicate the revolutionary imagination of the designers.90%
Spectrum 48KBugaboo The Flea (Quicksilva)It's a delight to play and mind-blowingly frustrating.92%
Spectrum 48K/128KContinental Circus (Virgin/Mastertronic)Varied weather, much screaming round bends at breakneck speed and the thrill of winning make Continental Circus well worth forking out for.90%
BBC/ElectronBuffalo Bill's Rodeo Games (Tynesoft)Buffalo Bill's Wild West Rodeo Show is the best multi-event game to hit the BBC Micro this year.9
BBC/ElectronBuffalo Bill's Rodeo Games (Tynesoft)Overall, the graphics are good and the sounds entertaining.
BBC/ElectronImpact (Audiogenic)Impact has to go some way to match Arkanoid - to my mind it doesn't quite make it.5
BBC/ElectronImpact (Audiogenic)Standing on its own, this is superb and an excellent addition to your software library.8
BBC/ElectronImpact (Audiogenic)Impact is now one of my all-time favourite Electron games, and it will take a rare program indeed to dislodge it from that position.9
BBC/ElectronImpact (Audiogenic)I prefer the 'feel' of Arkanoid but like the extra features provided by Impact.
Dragon 32Jet Set Willy (Software Projects)It may be the definitive version; certainly it's the best I've ever played.90%
Acorn ElectronRepton 2 (Superior)Repton 2 is very challenging and those who found the original too easy will be pleased to know that this version certainly is not.
Acorn ElectronRepton 2 (Superior)You win when you have collected thousands of bits of soil and diamonds and jigsaw pieces and also killed all the monsters and used all 64 transporters.
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