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Acorn ElectronHorse Race (Dynabyte)Horse Race is user-friendly and supplied with excellent instructions.
Acorn ElectronElectron Aid (Dynabyte)I found this to be a fascinating program to work with, but I must warn you that it soon becomes almost as dynabyte as your favourite games.
Acorn ElectronCorporate Climber (Dynabyte)All good clean fun, plenty of colour and good sharp graphics.
Acorn ElectronCorporate Climber (Dynabyte)Corporate Climber is a good original game with good sound and visuals, and it comes with adequate instructions.
Acorn Electron3D Tank Zone (Dynabyte)Meticulous attention to detail such as the rotating rotors of the helicopters and planes makes this game a joy to watch as well as play.80%
Acorn Electron3D Tank Zone (Dynabyte)It's an interesting game, very different from anything else I've ever seen on the Electron.
BBC/ElectronMineshaft (Durell)All of its screens are clever, some are practically impossible, but you always feel that you will make it in the end.
BBC Model BArena 3000 (Microdeal)The general idea of the game is quite good and becomes addictive, although the graphics were by no means the best I have seen.
BBC Model BThe Evil Dead (Palace)All in all, I was not too impressed.
Acorn ElectronHappy Numbers (Acornsoft/BES)This program is good value and will prove useful for any young family.
BBC Model BCavey (Players)It's got that special something which keeps you coming back for more.8
BBC Model BChickaroo (Screenplay)I found the word skills required to be pretty basic.
BBC/ElectronAuf Wiedersehen Pet (Tynesoft)A promising game for all ages, with plenty of variety.
BBC Model BFun Games (BBCSoft/BBC Publications)Altogether it is a good addictive version, which can be incredibly frustrating.
BBC Model BFun Games (BBCSoft/BBC Publications)Fun Games is very good value at £10 for four great games which take advantage of the speed of BBC Basic and the sound and graphics of the machine.65%
BBC/ElectronWhite Magic (The 4th Dimension)I reckon that the sign of a good game is when it manages to keep you playing, just so that you can see what the next level is like, and this one certainly manages to do that.9
BBC/ElectronWhite Magic (The 4th Dimension)It takes the best features from several arcade adventures blending them into one blockbuster of a game.9
BBC/ElectronWhite Magic (The 4th Dimension)The game itself is quite large with 32 levels and there is a facility for practising each one in turn.
Acorn ElectronLemming Syndrome (Dynabyte)The absolute option (help) is manageable but the positive option (on your own) is manic.85%
BBC Model BLemming Syndrome (Dynabyte)The setting is visually very attractive with vivid use of colour and sound.
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