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Sega Saturn (EU Version)Keio Flying Squadron 2 (JVC)A frantic, fun and completely bizarre platformer... Junior gamers will go for its colourful mix of game-styles and manga madness.81%
Sega Saturn (EU Version)Alien Trilogy (Acclaim)Impressive and atmospheric... the lighting effects seen here contribute to a genuinely creepy atmosphere.88%
Sega Saturn (US Version)Virtua Fighter Kids (Sega)A reworking of Virtua Fighter 2... and the most advanced beat-'em-up the Saturn has ever seen.92%
Sega Saturn (EU Version)Bust-A-Move 2: Extreme Edition (Acclaim)Don't be fooled by the relatively simple appearance... This is, without doubt, the most addictive and compelling puzzler the Saturn has yet seen.92%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Jelly Boy (Ocean)The screenshots may not be much to look at, but Jelly Boy is the most versatile platform hero to date. Playable and loads to see and do - the perfect combination!90%
Sega Saturn (EU Version)Krazy Ivan (Psygnosis)Looks and sounds distinctly average... Only five stages means there's no lasting challenge either.65%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Cosmic Spacehead (Codemasters)An intriguing blend of arcade and adventure... Things got better the further I got into it.58%
Sega CD (US Version)NFL's Greatest: San Francisco Vs. Dallas 1978-1993 (Sega)A truly awful waste of everyone's time. I think even slides on a Viewmaster would be of better quality than this! It's diabolical!5%
Sega Master System (EU Version)Aladdin (Sega/Tec Toy)A really nice little platformer completely marred by being much, much too easy.74%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Gunship (U. S. Gold)What is this piece of complete cack doing masquerading as Microprose's classic? A berth on the Hindenburg would be more fun than a flight in this Gunship!11%
Sega Master System (EU Version)Micro Machines (Codemasters)The best Master System release in months and an absolutely essential purchase for all 8-bit owners.93%
Sega CD (US Version)Panic (Data East)I've never seen anything like this. It's a mixture of the bizarre, the funny and the sick... The first day I played it, my jaw was periodically hitting the floor.70%
Sega Game GearRobocop 3 (Sega)Pretty frenetic music for the Game Gear. But unrewarding gameplay means that Robocop suffers a fate worse than death - mediocrity.51%
BBC Model BThe Pay-Off (Bignose)The game is not bad but it provides so little for your money that I would definitely recommend you give it a miss.30%
BBC Model BPass Go (Kaydee)The Mode 7 graphics are colourful but crude. The music which accompanies the journey is excellent - to begin with.70%
BBC Model BMr. T Tells The Time (Ebury)The individual programs show a number of good features. Sound and graphics, though basic, are used effectively.70%
BBC Model BTime Traveller (Sulis)A very successful attempt to make the learning of some basic historical facts a lot of fun.80%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)ToeJam & Earl (Sega)An extremely original game and excellent fun for one or two players.82%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Wrestle War (Sega)The graphics and gameplay are good, but this game is far too easy!88%
Sega Genesis/Sega Mega DriveHardBall! (Accolade)If you really must have a Megadrive baseball game, check out the much superior and frill-packed HardBall III.80%
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