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Sega Game Gear (US Version)Mega Man (U. S. Gold)A very good conversion drawing all the best aspects of the series, but the flaws of the original are also present.75%
Sega Game GearMicro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament (Codemasters)A corking Game Gear title! The courses are devious, the computer-controlled players better than those of the Megadrive game, and the two-player mode is brilliant.93%
Sega Game GearJames Pond 3: Operation Starfish (U. S. Gold)A challenging and playable addition to the Game Gear library... it's even better than the Megadrive game! Pity about the screen blur, though.88%
Sega GenesisWarlock (Acclaim)A crap-looking veneer hides a very challenging platformer. It you fancy something a little different, give it a whirl. There's a nice picture of Julian Sands when you lose.72%
Sega Game GearStargate (Acclaim)A tidy little puzzler... Nothing to match Columns, but not a bad effort nonetheless.66%
Sega Game GearFatal Fury Special (Sega)Basic and shoddy... Gameplay so hit-and-miss I'd advise playing with your feet! I felt tempted to do my Game Gear some damage with them after half an hour of this.46%
Sega Game GearSuper Columns (Sega)It's just Columns... again. A good puzzle game, but Mean Bean Machine is better.74%
Sega Game GearThe Smurfs (Infogrames)One of the best platforms I've seen make it to a handheld... Virtually identical to the Master System game with all the levels and features which made that game so good.88%
Sega Game GearRistar (Sega)Admittedly, the concept is derivative of almost every other platformer going, but it's still damned good fun and the graphics will certainly give haggard-looking handhelds a bit of a facelift.82%
Commodore 64Engineer Humpty (Artic Computing)Delightful graphics... The most enjoyable of the three Humpty games.
Spectrum 48KRobotron 2084 (Atarisoft)The finest conversion I have seen from the company. It's fast, mean and true to the arcade original in almost every way.8
Spectrum 48KAlcatraz Harry (Mastertronic)I believe that unless an arcade adventure is outstanding it's barely worth considering. Alcatraz Harry doesn't cut it.4
Spectrum 48KJack and The Beanstalk (Thor)An enjoyable program which I could happily return to again and again, although it does lack that something extra that makes a great game.7
Sega Saturn (US Version)Saturn Bomberman (Hudson)The best version of Bomberman there has even been... The epitome of all things miniature and cute.85%
BBC Master CompactThe Acornsoft Hits Volume 1 (Superior/Acornsoft)A useful base from which to build your Master Compact games collection.
Sega Saturn (US Version)Fighting Vipers (Sega)Stunning replays and a huge array of modes... All the features came as a great surprise, and by any valid console comparison, the graphics and sound are awesome.95%
Sega Saturn (EU Version)Blam! Machinehead (Core)Delivers solid gaming nourishment, although it won't impress your mates with its flashiness or originality.89%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (Sega)I'm speechless... Amazing animation, massive depth, the game idea is cool... Huge levels, and a gob-smacking marriage of speed and detail!92%
Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)Disney's Pinocchio (Disney)Another of Disney's average platform romps... The only people likely to find this appealing are junior gamers who are fond of the film.82%
Sega Saturn (EU Version)Exhumed (Lobotomy)An essential purchase. The most sophisticated and impressive Doom-style game on the Saturn this year.94%
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