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Amstrad CPC464One Man And His Droid (Mastertronic)20 different and difficult levels... However, the task is very similar throughout the game - if you're not really hooked at the very beginning then you're unlikely to become so by sticking at it.72%Read
Amstrad CPC464Winter Sports (Electric Dreams)Too much attention seems to have been paid to pretty backgrounds and not enough to the gameplay. Long load times too.48%Read
Amstrad CPC464Match Point (Psion)Very realistic and skillful simulation... Excellent two player action, or a very tough computer opponent.71%Read
Amstrad CPC464Kokotoni Wilf (Elite)A pleasant jaunt, but not really deep enough these days. The gameplay is simple and there aren't any real puzzles as such to solve.57%Read
Amstrad CPC464Ping Pong (Imagine)Fast, exciting, quick reaction action. Just about the best thing of its kind on the Amstrad!74%Read
Amstrad CPC464Tubaruba (Advance)Attractive screens and music plus good touches like teleport windows, bullet trajectories and explosions. Although there's not a lot to think about really.74%Read
Amstrad CPC464Ricochet (Blaby Computer Games)The shallowness of the game and simple display make this a definite non-starter. It has rotten gameplay, even on the preset parameters.18%Read
Amstrad CPC464Stock Market Speculator (Collins)The main problem is that there's no risk, which has always been the fascination of gambling. Budding capitalists and money hoarders should give it a look.59%Read
Amstrad CPC464Tank Commander (Amsoft)Very nice game, this, with lovely graphics and some good blasting action... It is by no means easy to nip in and blast the tanks without being blasted in return.81%Read
Amstrad CPC464Skyfox (Electronic Arts)Very satisfying to play... Different difficulties and missions mean any skill of player can enjoy it, although some graphics are indistinct and blocky.81%Read
Amstrad CPC464Theatre Europe (PSS)A chilling game. Needless to say, presentation is of a very high standard; the accompanying material adds greatly to the background, while game graphics and sound are excellent.86%Read
Amstrad CPC464Tornado Low Level (Vortex)Mind-blowing! Certainly a game that I could spend hours on end playing and just marvelling at that high speed smooth scrolling.90%Read
Amstrad CPC464The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (Infocom)This game could really force a number of British software houses to think twice about the sort of product they're putting out!93%Read
Amstrad CPC464Zork: The Great Underground Empire (Infocom)As with all Infocom games, the quality of design and the vividness of the location descriptions makes this a true adventure classic.86%Read
Amstrad CPC464The Worm In Paradise (Level 9 Computing)This is just out of this world...! Even for us dedicated adventurers, I reckon there's a good few days' work here.87%Read
Amstrad CPC464Endurance (CRL)May be too drawn out for many but if you like a game that can go on for hours and hours then this is for you.60%Read
Amstrad CPC464Quiz Quest (Alligata)The questions seem well put together and pretty tough too, but a bit more thought on the gameplay side could have improved things a lot.51%Read
Amstrad CPC464Aladdin's Cave (Artic Computing)Some interesting screen design and features. It's not one of those tough, demanding challenges - but a fellow needs a rest sometimes.55%Read
Amstrad CPC464Magic (Macmillian)If I were you, I'd just buy a book - the program is superfluous and too much like hard work getting through.37%Read
Amstrad CPC464Remote Excavation Module (Blaby Computer Games)The whole game seems to operate at slow motion pace. As it is, it can only be recommended to masochists and rock fetishists.39%Read
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