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Spectrum 128KTarget: Renegade 2017 (Bum Fun)Completed the original Spectrum version of Target Renegade? Then you'll find this new version just as fresh, exciting and challenging. It has the pulse of the original coursing through its veins.84%Read
Amstrad CPC464Trashman (New Generation)A nice gentle game that's not too complicated and not too taxing. Nothing to get excited about, I'll admit, but quite fun.73%Read
Amstrad CPC464Mandragore (Infogrames)It's not altogether clear during the game to what extent each of your carefully chosen character attributes are having any effect.70%Read
Amstrad CPC464Hunchback: The Adventure (Ocean)For the experienced adventurer, it offers pretty graphics and an amusing scenario but is pretty short on challenge.70%Read
Amstrad CPC464Night Gunner (Digital Integration)It's fun for a few minutes, but it's not worth anywhere near £7.95.49%Read
Amstrad CPC464Helichopper (Firebird)The game is absolutely diabolical, no two ways about it. Not even worth £1.99.21%Read
Spectrum 48KLala Prologue (Monument Microgames)I hate Lala Prologue.Read
Spectrum 48K/128KBattery's Not Precluded (Cronosoft)The games here play very well, in a sort of mindless way that doesn't demand any real attention.Read
BBC B/B+/Master 128Zap (Retro Software)Intense, standard Space Invaders fare. The big boss at the end of each zone is always the same and you'll soon be yawning when he makes his appearance yet again.Read
BBC B/B+/Master 128The Krystal Connection (Retro Software)You access each platform via a lift which you can direct up and down when standing on it. As a game concept, this is quite a fiddly affair.Read
BBC B/B+/Master 128Mountain Panic (Retro Software)Quite mesmerising. Your eskimo-looking protagonist is supplied with a generous amount of energy, and the rooms are challenging enough for the exploration to feel that playing the game is exactly that - an exploration.Read
Amstrad CPC464R-Type 128 (Easter Egg)A superior version of R-Type that pushes the Amstrad to its limits and works within its limitations.Read
Colour GeniePuckman (JD Tronics)It's Pac-man where you still have to play by all the rules - but the ghosts don't have to play by any of them! So race around the screen for as long as you can whilst weeping with frustration!Read
Colour GenieHektik (Arcade Games)Playing this is to torture yourself. Digging a single hole takes a lifetime and the monsters often clump together in the same 8x8 character area anyway.Read
Colour GenieMarien Kaefer (TCS (Trommeschleger Computer Studio))It's sort of nicely put together and it reacts quite well. Sadly, it becomes very boring within only a few minutes.Read
Colour GenieInvasion Auf Dem Weltraum (Harald Boegeholz)A fairly fast game, with graphics that are nothing special but mimic the original.Read
Colour GenieMampf Man II (TCS (Trommeschleger Computer Studio))The main problem is that it doesn't deliver a challenge. It's either too easy or too hard, but never in the middle where it belongs.Read
Amstrad CPC464Turbo The Tortoise (Hi-Tec)Very easy to get started with, this is so tidily put together, you'll be into it within seconds.88%Read
Amstrad CPC464Wild West Seymour (Codemasters)It's a typical Seymour game and although it's all familiar stuff it's still a lot of fun. Frustrating at times, but fun.82%Read
Amstrad CPC464Reckless Rufus (Alternative)With 130 infuriating but addictive screens, you'll be playing this when you're old and grey.83%Read
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