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Amstrad CPC464Narco Police (Dinamic)Bold and original, but badly flawed in its execution... A large and potentially fun mission marred by frustrating gameplay.68%Read
Amstrad CPC464ESWAT (U. S. Gold)A low-quality conversion of a rather poor coin-op. It's very repetitive, chock full of minor and screen glitches and the overall effect is nothing short of abysmal.48%Read
Amstrad CPC464Crete 1941 (Cases Computer Simulations)It's not going to grab you straight away. Dedicated wargaming fans will persevere, though.66%Read
Amstrad CPC464Dragon Breed (Activision)Difficult but rewarding horizontal blast. A Spectrum port with a banal colour scheme but neat scrolling.72%Read
Amstrad CPC464Golden Axe (Virgin Games)Golden Axe is graphically quite pretty, but the gameplay is a bit too slow and jerky to retain the excitement of the arcade original.75%Read
Amstrad CPC464Game Set And Match II (Ocean)It's a decidedly average compilation. Match Day II is the best of the bunch.83%Read
Amstrad CPC464Edition One (Virgin Games)The compilation as a whole isn't too bad, but only two of the games are outstanding, and one, Xenon, isn't far short of dire.73%Read
Amstrad CPC464Helter Skelter (Audiogenic)Helter Skelter starts off OK, but before long you find yourself getting more and more frustrated by its difficulty, horrible time limits and fiddly control.59%Read
Amstrad CPC464Nightbreed: The Action Game (Ocean)A very reasonable game in its own right, and a good tie-in. But a little too easy for long-term enjoyment, and little in the way of variety.78%Read
Amstrad CPC464The Light Corridor (Infogrames)The game itself plays smoothly, but it is very linear (being in a tunnel!) and not a little frustrating.78%Read
Amstrad CPC464Welltris (Infogrames)Challenging, long-lasting and addictive... but lacks the simple appeal of the original.78%Read
Amstrad CPC464Star Control (Accolade)A reasonable strategic outing marred by the limited arcade section. Possibly a little too easy.70%Read
Amstrad CPC464Extreme (Digital Integration)Large and colourful graphics that get better and better as you go along... Technically excellent with great visuals, but a little frustrating perhaps.84%Read
Amstrad CPC464Chip's Challenge (U. S. Gold)Classic puzzle action that oozes with gameplay... 144 tough and challenging levels will keep you going for ages!86%Read
Amstrad CPC464Hollywood Collection (Ocean)All of the games are excellent, and complement their respective movies beautifully. Outstanding value - buy it!83%Read
Amstrad CPC46410 Pack (Gremlin Graphics)You can't complain at the value! Most are good, if not excellent, and this compilation represents extraordinarily good value.89%Read
Amstrad CPC464Scull PD Disc #84 (Scull PD)Neil has made the first part easy, with the other parts getting progressively difficult. Worth getting.Read
Amstrad CPC464Scull PD Disc #43 (Scull PD)A selection of Simon Avery adventures. Warning: Do not play Boredom if you are easily offended.Read
Amstrad CPC464Switchblade (Gremlin Graphics)One of the most bodacious, inspirational, outstandingly cool CPC games available. Totally addictive from the word go.90%Read
Amstrad CPC464F-16 Combat Pilot (Digital Integration)Fast and fun... must be one of the slickest flight simulators around!92%Read
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