All items you have added to your collection in the past can be viewed in this section.

Note: At the movement, the 'valuation' applied to your collection(s) is the total valuation of the items both in your collection and those which you have for sale (but are not yet sold).

Note: Collections are divided by machine. Some items run on more than one machine (i.e. Nintendo Gamecube discs also run on the Nintendo Wii). These items will affect the total collection valuation in relation to each machine.

Prefer to browse your collection via your Storage Containers?

This page allows you to view either your entire collection of items, or just the items you have collected for a certain machine. However, you have not yet added any items to your collection.

You can get started by:

  1. searching for an item,
  2. clicking Tools to show the Tools menu, then
  3. clicking Add Item To Collection.

Alternatively, you can get started adding every item in your collection very quickly here.