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Battery's Not Precluded (2015) (ZX Vega)

Available For:
Spectrum 48K/128K & ZX Vega

Publisher: Cronosoft
Author(s): Jonathan Cauldwell & Yerzmyey
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade; Overhead Stage-Based Racing Game
Items: Battery's Not Precluded (Cronosoft, Preloaded)

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It's A Small World

In fact, with advancements in micro servos and other such clever gubbins, things have got so small that there's not so much more you can pack into it... Balloons, speed-boats, racing cars, all in a few square feet, battling it out for remote control supremacy.

Get to your keyboard and prove yourself!

Future-proofed for ULA Plus.

The Scenario

I was hoping you'd forget. Look, a plot really isn't applicable you know. It's the game that counts. No, really. Oh, what the hell. For what it's worth.

The self-appointed Queen of Dudley and part-time little picker, Mavis Enderby, has announced in the local newspaper that she will be holding a mafnificient competition for remote control vehicle challanges. As befitting a grand tournament such as this, the winner will be awarded a pair of wellington boots (non-matching and in different sizes), be granted the freedom of her back garden, the title of Duke or Duchess of 2 Haydock Close, and an annual pension amounting to a packet of Rolos (partially sucked but still in the wrapper) and a 13p stamp (franked) steamed off an old envelope she found down the back of her wardrobe.

Riches indeedy.

Unsurprisingly, this remarkable contest captures the imagination of several residents at the local lunatic asylum, and the competition is well and truly on. Knotting together their bedsheets, several of them abscond together and make for chez Mavis.

The scene is set. Can you overcome your fellow inmates to become top nutcase?

The Game

Imagine that it is Christmas Day, and you have received four battery-powered remote control toys to play with.

The game consists of a series of different challenges featuring four miniature vehicles: a car, a speedboat, a rocket and a hot air balloon. Each challenge features a different vehicle. All vehicles move differently, and the controls vary from one vehicle to the next. The balloon features standard up/down left/right directional controls with inertia movement, while the other toys have rotational controls.

The first challenge involves driving your car around a number of obstacles, with opponents' cars appearing every few seconds which copy your every movement. Your aim is to set a path for them to follow which will inevitably lead to them colliding with each other, while avoiding any collisions yourself.

When fewer than two opponents' cars remain, you will progress to the next stage.

Other challenges involve completing five clockwise laps or a course, shooting everything in sight, or rescuing toy soldiers in a bathtub. The vehicle, control method and goal are displayed at the start of each challenge.

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