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Shifted (2015) (Commodore Vic 20)

Available For:
Commodore Vic 20

Publisher: Revival Studios
Author(s): Martijn Wenting
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Puzzle Game; Switch Gems In Overhead Grid
Items: Shifted (Revival Studios, Cassette)

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The Game

Shifted is an action puzzle game that requires quick thinking and quick responses.

You have to shift columns up and down to make combinations of gems on the centre row. The higher the combination, the more points you will earn.

How long can you keep shifting?

Game Controls

Joystick left/right to move cursor.
Joystick up/down to shift columns.
Fire to rotate centre row.



The game should take no more than a few minutes to load.


Written by Martijn Wenting


Package, program and audio-visual by Revival Studios.
(c) 2015 Revival Studios

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