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Mayhem (Commodore Vic 20)

Career around an arena avoiding ever-multiplying bouncy balls and collecting the coins.

Available For:
Commodore Vic 20 & Sinclair ZX81 (Requires 16K Expansion)

Publisher: Revival Studios
Author(s): Martijn Wenting
On-Screen Language: English
Items: Mayhem (Revival Studios, Cassette)

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The Game

Wizzy's latest invention went terribly wrong!

It exploded and all kinds of parts are flying across the room!

Your goal is clear and simple: Avoid the debris while running around and picking up coins to gain points!

Game Controls

Use joystick to control Wizzy and avoid the debris while collecting coins to score!



Game Credits

All programming, graphics and design by Martijn Wenting
(c) 2012 Revival Studios

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