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Super Starship Space Attack (2015) (Commodore Vic 20 (Requires 16K Expansion))

Available For:
Commodore Vic 20 (Requires 16K Expansion)

Publisher: Cronosoft
Author(s): Daniel Kahlin & Mika Keranen
On-Screen Language: English
Items: Super Starship Space Attack (Cronosoft, Cassette)

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The Game

Find three power units and leave the evil spaceship.
The bottom of the level has an escape area.
Every power unit raises your firepower.

Game Controls

Use a joystick in port 1.
Push up to accelerate and down to brake.
Left and right move your spaceship.
Fire to shoot.

Game Modes

Child Mode ... Easy (No bonus levels)
Gamer Mode ... Normal (All levels)
I Am Legend Mode ... Hard (All levels)

Access the different Game Modes from the initial menu screen by moving the joystick up or down to select the mode. Press fire to start.


Hold down SHIFT and tap RUN/STOP.

The tape will turbo-load. Note that a 16K expansion is required.

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