Busy Bee (1985) (Spectrum 48K)

Use your mower to cut all of the grass within a number of mazes without being intercepted by the patrolling bees.

Available For:
Spectrum 48K

Tags: overhead maze, mower
Publisher: Your Computer
Author(s): Tony Wye
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade: Maze
Items: Busy Bee (Your Computer, Cassette)

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The Game

This program is called Busy Bee and runs on the Spectrum 48K. It's a maze type game where you have to cut the grass on a lawn, avoiding the bees who are attracted to you because of the lawn mower noise.

Upon loading, the game auto-runs and the instructions are displayed and the keys to be used - cursor keys - then P must be pressed to play. The screen is set up and you must move around the flower beds and cut the grass avoiding the bees who are moving about. When all the grass is cut you leave the screen via the bottom and then your bonus is added according to the time you took to clear the grass. Then you go on to the differently shaped screen 2.

This carries on with screens 1 and 2 in turn and each stage the bees are attracted more and more to you until it is nearly impossible to get away from them. By then all your lives will have been used up. When all three lives are used, the game over sign will be displayed and tell you if it is a new high score.



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