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Vade Retro (2015) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)

A platform game where you play a blacksmith who must collect up the mystical sword fragments and potion, then kill the sorcerer who has enslaved your land.

Available For:
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Publisher: RetroWorks (Official Web Site)
Author(s): Jaime Tejedor Gomez, José J. Ródenas & Jose Vicente Maso
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Vade Retro (RetroWorks, Cassette)

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We could begin this story by speaking of a vast world, in a dark age, where the innocent were threatened by frightening creatures. This is how epic adventures usually start. We would continue that a white knight, fleur-de-lis in his chest and sword in his hand, was this land's only hope.

Our protagonist's name is Eshur, who has been, for much of his life, a simple blacksmith. Beginning as an apprentice, he worked for years making swords for the brave knights of the kingdom of Dysarlyn. Then, one day, he left his work begind in search of adventure. And he found it... After he crossed the deserts of Dysarlyn, he found that the people of the westlands had been zombified.

Eshur retreated to a misty forest, where he encountered Aganzia, an old sorceress who explained to him that the zombies were the army of Delcram, an evil sorcerer. He planned to use them as his army to conquer the world. But Delcram, she explained, could be defeated, and the people could be returned to their previous selves. All that was needed was for Eshur to steal "the orb of kishá"; this was the source of all Delcram's power. Eshur created a mighty sword for himself and battled through Delcram's hordes. In the event, he not only managed to steal the orb but also to destroy it, breaking Delcram's hold over the people. Delcram fled, and Eshur returned to his previous life satisfied that he had done at least some good.

Ten years have passed since then. But today, taking everyone by surprise, Delcram has returned; this time directly to the eastlands where Eshur lives and works. There is only one thing for it - retrieve the mighty sword and, this time, impale Delcram with it.

The Mission

Your first task as Eshur is to recover the pieces of your mighty sword. You'll also need to find the potion given to Eshur by Aganzia, so that you can enchant your sword. You can collect the sword and the potion (and other objects such as skulls) in any order you wish. The game will inform you when you have collected the sword and the potion and will be able to kill Delcram.


Some enemies in the adventure can only be killed using the sword. Keep as far away from them as possible until you have put it together again. And don't even think about entering the castle dungeons until you have it.

Most enemies can be killed, but some are invulnerable. However, they can be briefly paralysed, once and once only. You'll soon learn to identify objects that will paralyse enemies.

Different enemies drain your energy at different rates. If you find skulls en route then these will top up your energy. You also need to collect all of the skulls to be able to defeat Delcram.

Game Start

You begin the castle's smithy and must release the four seals to enter the dungeons. You'll find the objects that break each seal scattered around the castle - so make sure you visit every nook and cranny to find them, or you won't get very far.

Once inside the dungeon, you'll find some parts of it closed by doors, which can only be opened by pressing the corresponding button.

Good luck!!

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Jump, SPACE - Hit

The game is also compatible with a Sinclair joystick.



If using a 128K Spectrum, select Loader and press play on tape.

The game has sounds for both models. If you load it on a 128K model, you'll enjoy some nice melodies.

Game Credits

Code & Graphics: José J. Ródenas (sejuan)
Additional Code & Optimization: Jaime Tejedor Gómez (metalbrain)
Music Player Code: José Vicente Masó (wyz)
Music: José Vicente Masó (wyz) & Juan C. Soriano (mikomedes)
Loading Screen: Kantxo Design
Cover and Physical Version: Francisco J. Velasco (pagantipaco)
English Translation: Jaime Tejedor Gómez (metalbrain)
Betatesters: Ivanzx, Pagantipaco, Metr, Augusto Ruiz, ... and the rest of Retroworks crew.

Written using:

Editor Context & Editplus3 Compiler pasmo (Julián Albo)
Bin2tap & Bin2code (Jaime Tejedor)
Decompressor zx7mini (Einar Saukas & Antonio Villena)
Graphics made with SevenuP (Jaime Tejedor)
Music created with WYZTRACKER (Augusto Ruiz)
Tape file created with Utoloader (Javier Peña)

With thanks to:

Ricardo Cancho, Topo Soft & Animagic graphician, for wanting to participate in the project
Retroworks for their indispensible help in the making and finishing of it. And to everyone who shares their Z80 knowledge.

And dedicated to Topo Soft's Javier Cano for the enthusiasm he showed when he saw the game's first images, and the support he gave us in the videogame development subject. "Wherever you are Javier, thanks"

© 1986 Crazy Soft / 2015 Retroworks

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