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The Trap Door (1986) (Spectrum 48K)

Play as blue blob Berk and appease the hunger of your unseen "Master" whom you must feed by mixing ingredients in the large dungeon you inhabit.

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464, Commodore 64/128 & Spectrum 48K

Tags: berk, cartoon, comedy, graphic adventure, tv tie-in
Publisher: Piranha
Author(s): Don Priestley
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Graphic Adventure
Items: The Trap Door (Piranha, Cassette), The Trap Door (Alternative, Cassette), The Trap Door (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism, Cassette), The Trap Door (System 4, Cassette), The Trap Door (Zafi Chip, Cassette), The Trap Door (ZCobra, Cassette), The Trap Door (Alternative, Cassette), The Trap Door Plus Through The Trap Door (Alternative, Cassette)

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Playing The Game

Somewhere in the dark and nasty regions where nobody goes, stands an old and spooky castle - home of the Bad Tempered Thing. In the dark lower regions of the castle, Berk grudgingly slaves away - carrying out the orders of the Thing. To win his ultimate reward - a safe full of loot - Berk has to complete up to five bizarre tasks (Four in Learner mode) quickly and accurately before the Thing's anger boils over. Each task is complete when Berk sends his offering Upstairs on the dumb waiter and the Thing accepts it.

Learner Berk

Before the game starts you can choose to be a Learner Berk or a Super Berk. When you first play it is a good idea to try the humble Learner mode. It's easier, even if you don't score so highly or earn Berk's pay!

The Trap Door

Under the trap door lurk 'orrible monstrosities all eager to escape as soon as the trap is opened. Most have a useful role in completing Berk's tasks. The problem is knowing which monster is needed for which task. If the wrong one gets out, it can be a real time-waster and a danger to life and limb! Get rid of wrong 'uns (somehow!) as quickly as possible.


If the trapdoor is left open, spooks fly out. Like almost everything in Berk's world, they're hungry and the only way Berk can get rid of them is by feeding them. They'll eat anything - worms, eggs, eye-juice, eyes, even Boni the skull! If Berk hasn't got food to hand, the spooks will send him reeling. In Learner Berk mode, the spooks have been given a holiday and won't trouble you.

Boni and Drutt

Boni's pretty bright as skulls go. Each time Berk picks him up, he utters a few words, sometimes useful advice on how to complete a task. Drutt the Spider spends his time hopping about getting in Berk's way and eating worms. It's hard to get rid of him!

The Tasks

They can all be done! Wait for the Thing to announce what it wants then get cracking. All the props for the tasks can be found in the lower regions. But you'll need some ingenuity to figure out how to use the various objects (and their contents). Each task needs for completion a particular Trap Door Monster. The Anger-Meter at the bottom of the screen warns you that time is running out. When the Thing gets really mad, it yells at Berk that time's up. If Berk hasn't finished, the task in hand is cancelled and a new one is set.


Berk can shove some objects and a shoved object can shove other objects. Berk can put things into containers, carry them around and tip out the contents. Some are vital to particular tasks!


Your score reduces as time ticks by and increases with bonuses for the successes you achieve.

Super Berk

Your real objective is to become a Super Berk! If Berk completes all the tasks he'll be awarded his wages. Thing sends them down in a tough-looking safe. To get his loot and become a true Super Berk, the safe has to be opened. There's an exact procedure that guarantees success. Finding it is the final challenge.


Once you've figured out how to carry out the tasks you can start using strategy to maximise your score. For example, if you complete a task early, you can make preparations for any of the other tasks. Objects already in the best locations can save time later and win you extra points.

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