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R-Swype (2013) (Spectrum 48K)

Available For:
Spectrum 48K

Publisher: Death Squad
Author(s): daveysludge
On-Screen Language: English
Items: R-Swype (Death Squad, Cassette)

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In an unlikely move, Mark Barton Dung and Scott Faece have joined forces to combat what we are told (according to news reports) is the most evil, depraved animal to have ever walked the planet.

Equipped with only one rocket and a limited supply of rocket fuel (Omega cider), they must deliver their payload straight to the heart of this vile creature's lair...

Game Objective

Firstly, Mark has to ram three turds down the bog to conjure up Scott, then Scott needs to recover the bottles of Omega to fuel the rocket.

Bog roll will impede the rocket - so it's imperative to get it shifted before lift off!

Can you make it to the end - for the ultimate showdown with the ultimate R-Swype?!?!?

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Up, A - Down

You may use a Sinclair Joystick if you wish.

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