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Zen 2 (Spectrum 16K/48K)

Available For:
Spectrum 16K/48K & ZX Vega

Publisher: Einar Saukas
Author(s): Einar Saukas, Kevin McGrorty & Mister Beep
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Game
Items: Zen 2 (Einar Saukas, Cassette)

Screenshots (24)

Zen 2, the eagerly awaited sequel to last year's highly acclaimed Zen puzzle game...

  1. Very intuitive gameplay, no instructions needed (again)!
  2. Lots of extremely addictive new levels!
  3. Very large exciting intro songs (about 35Kb) by Mister Beep!
  4. Very special thanks to Introspec for compiling these songs with his upcoming (highly improved) new version of Octode, thus making them sound even better!
  5. Countless hours of entertainment!

Note: For those who have trouble reading the menu screen, just press "1" to start and enjoy it!!!

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