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Genesis: Dawn Of A New Day (2014) (Spectrum 128K)

Available For:
Spectrum 128K

Publisher: Monument Microgames
Author(s): Anjuel, Pagantipaco, Riskej, Sejuan, Utopian & WYZ
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade: Shoot-em-up
Items: Genesis: Dawn Of A New Day (Monument Microgames, Cassette)

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They never took the Dork menace very seriously. First they thought they would never dare to attack, then that we would easily beat them. Mankind never learns. Now the Earth is invaded by those creatures, and you are the pilot in charge of saving everyone. Does it sound familiar to you? Maybe one of those combat simulators said something similar.

But things could never be that easy. When they first attacked, the definitive weapon was designed, something that could free mankind from the Dork: the Genesis spaceship. But, why build it on the Earth? That would, of course, be way too simple. Instead, it was considered better to outsource pieces of the job to five other planets, and then the ship could be assembled as each was delivered to the Earth. Well, they never expected the invasion of Earth to happen very quickly, or that someone would have to go and collect the Genesis parts... Guess who?

So this is the situation. You are on your good old spaceship, in a secret hangar, getting ready to try to escape from Earth, visit the five planets to gather the Genesis parts, assemble it and finally come back home, to free the planet from an angry alien invasion... all on your own.

The Game

Your mission is quite simple: kill as many enemies as possible, while trying to stay alive. First, you must escape from Earth, to visit five planets and get a part of the Genesis on each one. Once you have successfully assembled the spaceship, you will use it to get back to Earth and free us from the Dork menace.

Your ship has two different shoot types: normal shoot, which will be used to fire the weapons equipped by your ship at any time, and a megablast, which will kill every enemy around you. To activate the megablast, keep the fire button pressed, until the power bar located on the lower-right side of the screen is filled up. The bomb will be launched when you release the fire button. You have an unlimited number of normal shoots and a very limited amount of available megablasts, so use them wisely.

Somewhere in the planets you will find capsules that, when shot, will release power ups for your ship. Those power ups are determined by the character found inside them:

+1 : Add a megablast to your inventory
D : Doubles the shooting capacity of your ship, so you will be able to shoot twice as many shots without reloading. Keep in mind that, if you change your weapon, you will be back to normal shooting capacity.
T : Triple shoot
S : A highly destructive laser
M : Homing missile. It will go directly to your enemies, following their heat trace.
B : Bomb, added to your normal shoot
C : Megashoot. Little is known about the capabilities of this weapon. All we know is that, if you get it, you will be able to shoot in all directions.

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Up, A - Down, SPACE - Fire

You may also control your ship using a Kempston or Sinclair joystick.

Some Words Of Advice

  • Do not always try to kill all enemies.
  • Sometimes you will find alternative paths in a level. Explore all options, some paths are way easier.
  • Final enemies, even though they look invincible, follow some simple behaviour rules. If you can understand them, you will find their weak points.
  • Insist, insist and insist. You can get it.


The game requires a 128k Spectrum to run.


Idea and Code: utopian
Graphics: sejuan, anjuel, pagantipaco
Music, Sound Effects, Player: WYZ
Beta-testing: tbrazil, Ivanzx, Metalbrain and the rest of the RetroWorks team.
Intro music (+3 version): Riskej

Dedicated to Rafa. I hope someday you will play this game and have some fun with it.

Also dedicated to the loving memory of Johnatan "Joffa" Smith. I hope this is good enough to be worth your time, wherever you are.

Thanks To...

Derek Smith, Jonathan Cauldwell, Rusell Kay, and everyone else sharing their knowledge and code. Probably this game would have never existed without you.

To anyone who has taken the time to provide even the smallest idea or hint to this game. Thank you for having made this dream come true.

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