Pussy: Love Story from Titanic (1999) (Spectrum 128K)

An oddly-titled arcade puzzler in which you must remove blocks from a maze to create a path to your girlfriend. Also features scenes from the movie Titanic.

Available For:
Spectrum 128K

Tags: film tie-in, platform, puzzle
Publisher: Fun Forge
Author(s): Ars, Freeman, Fun Forge, Mast & Razzlers
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Puzzle
Items: Pussy: Love Story from Titanic (Fun Forge, Cassette)

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Leonardo won a ticket for the maiden voyage of the greatest ship ever built, the "Titanic". There he meet Kate, the girl of his dreams, but their love was forbidden. Kate was rich, Leonardo was poor and a thief. This was not their only problem...

The Game

Pussy is a platform game with some action levels, you play Leonardo and the objective is to get in touch with Kate.

Leonardo can not jump in most levels, but his fists are able to smash certain bricks, and he can climb ladders. If Leo smashes a brick, all bricks above it will fall down by one place. There are also teleport doors (very common on the original "Titanic") - and a lot of enemies.

Game Features

  1. Password system
  2. 800K+ of code (compressed! Don't ask me how much uncompressed!)
  3. Story sequences
  4. 100% machine code
  5. Days/months of fun


Select "Password" on the main menu and enter any password from an earlier game to continue from that point.

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Up, A - Down, SPACE - Strike

To strike in the direction Leonardo is facing, press the Strike key. To strike in any other direction, press the direction key combined with the Strike key.

H - Pause/Options Menu

When the Options Menu is selected, you can select:

  1. Restart Level - Lose a life (Useful if you cannot correct the game!)
  2. Quit to Game - Resume
  3. Exit to Menu - Return to the Main Menu

After you complete a level, you will get the password for next level.


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