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Rule Of Rose (PlayStation 2 (EU Version))

Available For:
PlayStation 2 (EU Version)

Tags: adventure, devil children, haunted house, nanny
Publisher: 505 Game Street
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language: English
Items: Rule Of Rose (505 Game Street, Dvd)

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A story too cruel - too beautiful - to go untold...

Set in 1930s England, the game follows the terrifying tale of a young girl, Jennifer, who wanders unknowingly into a bizarre world not governed by rational adults, but by misguided children.

Innocence can give rise to absurd rules and cruel behaviours, as poor Jennifer soon discovers. The children's desire to preserve their secret society quickly leads them down the path to the unthinkable.

How did Jennifer end up in this surreal world? Will the nightmare ever end? The unimaginable truth gradually comes to light as forgotten memories are violently awakened...

Assume the role of Jennifer, and with the help of her loyal dog Brown, escape the clutches of "The Aristocrats of the Red Crayon". This game, packed with shocking mysteries waiting to be unraveled, will challenge your nerves and wits like never before!

System Requirements

1 Player
Memory Card (8MB) for PlayStation 2, 236KB minimum
Analog Control Compatible: analog sticks only
Vibration Function Compatible

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