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Crazy Chase (1982) (Philips Videopac)

Overhead Pac Man clone in which you must attempt to avoid the patrolling nasties and munch segments of the dreaded, moving Dratapillar.

Available For:
Philips Videopac

Publisher: Philips
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Overhead Maze Game
Items: Crazy Chase (Philips, ROM Cart), K.C.'s Krazy Chase! (Philips, ROM Cart)

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The Game

Munchkin is back in town with another wild adventure! This time he takes it upon himself to combat the dreadful "Dratapillar" and his awesome "drats"...

You will find your Munchkin in the centre of a complex labyrinth, waiting for your instructions. In the left-hand top corner that ferocious Dratapillar! He does not stay there for long - and starts his rampage through the maze in search of your Munchkin.

His faithful, evil cohorts, the Drats, start from their positions in the left- and right-hand bottom corners. They immediately team up and set out to capture your Munchkin, so be aware!

You move your Munchkin with the joystick of the left handset and you better do it fast too, those Drats won't leave you much time. Your first concern is to keep clear of those Drats! The very moment they start their pursuit, another handicap appears. Trees that block your passage! They do not hinder the Drats.

You can do one of two things: avoid them by taking another route, or simple have your Munchkin munch them away. It does take some time, but if you do, you score one point. Be careful when making your choice because those Drats show no consideration.

You will find two escape hatches on either side of the labyrinth. When you use them to escape the Drats, your Munchkin will return again on the other side of the labyrinth. This is quite important because the actual purpose of the game is to try and munch away as many segments of that awful Dratapillar as you can. You can only do this when you approach him from behind, or at least when you manage to stay away from his head and fearsome jaws! When the Dratapillar succeeds in putting his teeth into your Munchkin, you are lost.

When you manage to munch one of the Dratapillar segments however, another situation arises. The Drats turn pale with fright and as long as they are white you can munch them! When you do, they will be stunned for a while before returning to their original, dreadful selves again.

You score 3 points for munching a Dratapillar segment and 10 points for a Drat! If you succeed in munching all the Dratapillar segments, you get 20 bonus points.

Your Munchkin will also smile and wink triumphantly. You don't get much time to celebrate your victory however, because a new Dratapillar and two more Drats will make their appearance almost immediately. You will actually find that the game gets tougher to play as you score more points.

Game Controls

To select from the nine different standard mazes, press RESET then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.

Building Your Own Labyrinth

Crazy Chase Editor Coordinates

To select from the custom-maze mazes, press RESET then press P. Next press key 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.

Depending on which key you have pressed, the same maze will appear on your screen as with the normal playing modes.

Press ENTER. You now have your start-up maze which you can alter as you please.

The editor controls are as follows:

  Horizontal lines Vertical lines
  to add to delete to add to delete
First press: letter letter number number
Next press: number number letter letter

The red characters on the left-hand side and the figures across the bottom serve as your co-ordinates. You can build whatever maze you want, but make sure you don't block any of the passages!

If you have made an error, don't worry, you can always correct it afterwards. You will find that it's fun to carefully build your own labyrinth.

When you have completed your maze, press YES and the game starts.

End Of Game

The game is over when your Munchkin gets caught by either the Dratapillar or one of his treacherous Drats. A new game will start automatically.

Playing Tip

Try and manoeuvre your Munchkin in such a way that you can munch not the tail segment but one of the centre segments of the Dratapillar. The tail segment will stay behind while the Dratapillar keeps going as if nothing happened. Now you can take your time munching those segments or chase a Drat before returning to munch another segment. The Dratapillar shows his true character however when he returns and devours the remaining segments himself!


Munching a tree ... 1 point
Munching a Dratapillar segment ... 3 points
Munching a Drat ... 10 points
Munching all Dratapillar segments ... 20 points

Your score is kept while you play, and is displayed in the right-hand bottom of the screen. The highest score in a series is displayed on the left-hand side. In-between Videopac offers the possibility to key in the name of the highest scoring player (Maximum 6 characters. Press SPACE key until remaining question-makes have disappeared).

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