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Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness (1993) (Game Boy)

Available For:
Game Boy

Publisher: Konami
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language: English
Items: Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness (Konami, ROM Cart)

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The Game

Buster Bunny is hopping mad about my four new movies!

Here comes Montana Max, the meanest movie maker to ever tarnish the silver screen. He's directed four new flicks that makes Buster Bunny look like a villain! Buster Bunny must leap into Max's mad-capped movies and use his new attack moves (the Fast Dash and Freeze Kick) to change the endings before his career is finished. Coming attractions include:

In the classic western "The Lone Rabbit" Buster Bunny must avoid spiked cactus, big boulders, ratfink train bandits and bat infested caverns before he hops aboard a bucking bronco and takes on Cowboy Max.

In the samurai mega-hit, "Kung Fu Yung", Buster Bunny encounters frogs, falling lanterns, flying fans and Kabuki Max who must be knocked on his big ol' banzai butt.

In the Sci-Fi thriller, "Maxinator", Buster Bunny battles through a futuristic city in search of Cyber Max. Along the way he'll ride on a space ship and zap rocket powered rodents.

In the hit "Curse of the Bunny's Tomb" Buster Bunny seeks out Franken Max inside a castle haunted by ghosts, bats and rabbit roasting candles.

Between roles Buster Bunny will vacation in Subgame Land where he'll play basketball, soccer and tug-of-war with your favourite Tiny Toon Adventures characters.

Finally, in the epic Level 5, Buster Bunny takes on "Director Max and his Freeze Flash Camera". It's his last chance to drop the curtain on Max's fiendish movie career!

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