Bug Eyes (1985) (Acorn Electron)

A gravity-based platform game in which you simply move left and right; accurate timing will see you through each level.

Available For:
Acorn Electron, BBC Model B & Spectrum 48K

Publisher: Icon
Author(s): Jason Sobell, Kevin Blake & Peter Fotherfill
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Bug Eyes (Icon, Cassette), Power Pack (Audiogenic, Cassette), Triple Games Pack 2 (Summit, Cassette)

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The Xxabaneans (nicknamed the Bug Eyes) have set their sights on conquering the planet Earth. Galactic Intelligence have succeeded in locating the flagship, disguised as a meteorite and have managed to find out their plans. Their power generator is trained on Earth, ready to wipe out civilisation. It can only be approached by penetrating the ten levels of the ship, which are heavily guarded by Bug Eyes and devious booby traps. This power generator must be destroyed before the ship gets within range of the Earth. For this assignment, Galactic Intelligence have picked their best agent - the delectable Space Agent Zelda.

Game Controls

During the loading process, you will be presented with three options for Left and Right controls.

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