Adventurous English (1986) (BBC/Electron)

An educational game that attempts to teach prepositions to very young children.

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Publisher: Highlight
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Educational; Tests Prepositions
Items: Adventurous English (Highlight, 5.25" Disc), EUG #66 (EUG PD, 5.25" Disc), Bumper Disc 2 (Highlight, 3.5" Disc)

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Adventurous English - English Grammar And Language Skills (Ages: 7-11+ Years)

Adventurous English is one in a series of educational games that help children to develop English grammar and language skills in an exciting and entertaining way.

In Adventurous English, children can gain a real understanding of prepositions ("on", "under", "behind", etc) and develop their problem solving skills, by helping 'Ben' to discover the many treasures and hazards on his dangerous journey.

Playing The Game

Pressing ESCAPE restarts a game that is running.
Do not press BREAK until you want to load a different program.

Level 1

As Ben visits each place in turn, you have to help him get to the other side by typing a word into the space in the sentence, then pressing RETURN. e.g. Ben goes behind the house.

You will find it easier to start playing the game at Level 1 so that you can learn the names of the places that Ben visits.

Level 2

You can now tell Ben which places to visit, e.g. Ben goes towards the garden, but you also have to find the hidden treasures, and learn how to avoid the many dangers!

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