Plan B (1987) (BBC/Electron)

A highly-charged monochrome graphic adventure where you must find your way through the complex and try not to collide with mutant droids.

Available For:
Atari 400/800 & BBC/Electron

Tags: droid, flick-screen, monochrome, run 'n gun, shooting
Publisher: Bug Byte
Author(s): Andrew Foord
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade Adventure Cross Monocromatic Shoot-'Em-Up
Items: Plan B (Bug Byte, Cassette), The Bug Byte Compilation (Bug Byte, 5.25" Disc), The Bug Byte Compilation (Bug Byte, 5.25" Disc)

Screenshots (40)


54 all action screens

Plan A, to bomb the rogue central computer has failed. The next step is Plan B ... you control a single war drone teleported inside the complex. Defeating the security system is enough but getting out again...?

You are in charge of a single war drone. The job, explore the Togrian Computer Complex. Destroy the computer parts, fight off the security robots and escape. To get out you will need to find other keys to open doors within the complex. You start at the arrival lounge in the complex.

On-Screen Information

You will see the following on the screen:

  1. Number of keys collected and not used (1 key per door)
  2. Energy level. This is depleted by guards and increased by collecting spanners and oil cans
  3. Ammo. This can be collected around the building
  4. Number of computer parts undamaged. On reaching zero, run for it!
  5. Score

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, SHIFT - Up, RETURN - Open Door
P/O - Pause Off/On, Q/S - Sound Off/On

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