A Vous La France (1984) (BBC/Electron)

A comprehensive suite of French language-learning programs which accompanied the BBC series.

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Publisher: BBCSoft/BBC Publications
Author(s): Dr. Marie-Madeleine & Dr. Michael Kenning
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Utility; French Language Aid
Items: A Vous La France (BBCSoft/BBC Publications, Cassette)

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This software, produced in association with BBC Education's A Vous La France first-stage radio and television language broadcasts, is a structured learning course to help you practise the basic skills required to speak French. Exercises range from shopping simulations to map reading and from a 'who-dunnit' game to a French version of a one-armed bandit!

Devised by Doctors Marie-Madeleine and Michael Kenning, the software comprises 45 programs based on the course book of the series. These are divided into fifteen units of three programs each; units 5, 10 and 15 of which are revision units. The accompanying booklet contains a description of each program as well as information on how to use them.

Based on the authentic, everyday language featured in the BBC's broadcasts, this software fully exploits the medium of computers for language learning.

The programs have been supplied on two cassettes and are designed to run on the BBC Model B and B+ Microcomputers, as well as the Acorn Electron. A converter program has also been provided to transfer the material to disc.

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