Pro Golf (1988) (BBC/Electron)

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464, Atari 800XL/130XE/65XE, BBC/Electron, Spectrum 48K & ZX Vega

Publisher: Atlantis
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade; Golf Simulation
Items: Pro Golf (Atlantis, Cassette)

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A Golf Simulation For 1-4 Players : Sunningdale (England) and Pebble Beach (USA). Driving rain, freezing cold, almost dusk? No problem because now you can play two of the world's greatest golf courses without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Pro Golf is a golf simulation for 1-4 players and features two famous courses, Sunningdale (England) and Pebble Beach (USA). Both courses are recorded on each side of the tape, with Sunningdale recorded first on one side and Pebble Beach recorded first on the other.

Game Options

Single Round:- (1-4 players). Choice of championship or medal tees. Scorecards displayed between holes.

Practice:- Get to know the game. Practice any hole from any tee using any wind or ground conditions.

WIND:- 0 (no wind) to 20 (severe wind). Constant:- Player chooses wind conditions and they remain constant throughout the round. Variable:- Computer decides wind conditions and may alter these slightly between strokes.

GROUND:- Wet, Normal or Dry. This may be a random choice by the computer or user defined to last one complete round. Ground conditions will effect bounce and putting. If playing on wet or normal ground with a high wind (variable), the ground may begin to dry out before the end of the round.

BACKSPIN:- (Irons only) the ball will not bounce as far when using backspin. In most cases, it will move backwards after the first bounce.

Playing The Game

Fairways:- Choose club, direction and strength of shot (with reference to the Club/Distance and Hazard effect tables). Press and release the space bar to start your swing and press the space bar again to hit the ball. Too early or too late and the ball will be sliced, pushed, pulled or hooked. All distances given are from tee to centre of green.

Greens:- Choose strength and direction of shot with reference to ground conditions and slope of green. Slope is between 1 (gentle) and 10 (severe). Arrow points downhill. Slope will have a progressively greater effect as the ball moves across the green. Press and release the space bar to start your swing and press the space bar again to hit the ball. Too early and the strength of shot will decrease, too late and the strength of the shot will increase. As the ball travels across the green the strength of the shot decreases. The strength remaining must be less than 24 for the ball to drop into the hole. If it is 24 or greater, the ball will continue with a slight random variation in direction. For any given strength, the ball will move roughly twice as far in dry conditions as in wet, with normal conditions lying half way between.

Club/Distance Table (Assumes Good Shot and Full Strength)

   Distance (yards) Max % diff. Max   Bounce
   travelled in air from due to wind allowance Normal
 1 Wood  260  221  21%  12 degrees 7-37
 2 Wood  244  207  23%  13 degrees 7-35
 3 Wood  228  196  25%  14 degrees 7-33
 1 Iron  218  196  36%  20 degrees 7-29
 2 Iron  200  180  40%  22 degrees 7-28
 3 Iron  184  166  44%  24 degrees 7-27
 4 Iron  170  153  49%  26 degrees 7-26
 5 Iron  154  139  53%  28 degrees 7-25
 6 Iron  138  124  57%  30 degrees 7-24
 7 Iron  124  112  62%  32 degrees 7-23
 8 Iron  110   99  67%  34 degrees 7-22
 9 Iron  94   83  72%  36 degrees 7-20
10 Sand iron 72   65  78%  38 degrees 7-18

Bounce varies with strength of shot. Wind has no effect on bounce. Ball will bounce further on dry ground, less on wet. Ball will only bounce on green or fairway, hazards immediately stop ball.

Effect Of Hazards

           Random variation
    Type of Allowable Reduction in in chosen direc-
Type of hazard_____lie__________clubs_______distance____tion plus/minus
Heavy rough  Good  4-10 irons  33%  10 degrees
Heavy rough  Bad  5-10 irons  48%  20 degrees
Light rough  Good  3-10 irons  20%   5 degrees
Light rough  Bad  4-10 irons  36%  10 degrees
Trees   --  3-10 irons  17%   5 degrees	
Bunkers   --  10 iron only  33%  20 degrees
Edge of a bunker --   all  17%   5 degrees
Edge of water  --   all  17%   5 degrees
Stands   --   all  36%   5 degrees
Out of bounds - Penalty stroke if ball lands out of bounds
Water - Penalty drop if ball lands in water
Banks - Ball bounces in a random direction when landing on any bank.

Using wrong club from a hazard will not move ball but will cost a stroke.

Game Controls

O, P and RETURN keys to select club, direction and force. Other keys as indicated in the game. Press and release SPACE to start your swing and press SPACE again to hit the ball.

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