Boffin (1985) (BBC/Electron)

A platform game in which you control a scientist and must cross each cave.

Available For:
BBC Model B & BBC/Electron

Publisher: Addictive Games
Author(s): Paul O' Malley
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Boffin (Addictive Games, Cassette)

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Features of the game: Giant Puffer-Blimps, Trampolines, Huge Tarantulas and Manta-bats, Electrified Fencing/Barbed Wire, Hydraulic Rams. 25 Caves for the Electron!

The aim of Professor Boffin is to pass through a series of caves as quickly as possible by destroying all of the unlucky horseshoes in each cavern and then touching the resident owl, guardian of each cave.

There are two different versions of Boffin on the tape. Boffin v.2 is recorded first, followed by v.1. Boffin v.2 runs on the Acorn Electron and also the BBC Micro. It has 25 different caverns. The first version of Boffin runs on the BBC Micro and features high resolution graphics and 20 caverns - all completely different from those in Boffin v.2.

Playing The Game

Points are gained by destroying the tripods, petri-dishes and horseshoes. When you have completed the screen, there is a time bonus and you gain an extra life. An extra life is also achieved at every 5000 points.

There are various obstacles and creatures which will help, hinder or stop your progress through the caves. Barbed wire (low electrified fencing in Boffin v.2) must not be trodden on. Giant hydraulic rams must usually be jumped over because they will slam you into deadly neutron magnets embedded in the cave roofs. Giant Puffer-Blimps are dangerous and often block vital routes - however, they are only full of air and there is a 2800 point bounty on them...

Use the umbrella to break long falls and to reach objects on high ledges (espcially tripods which can only be destroyed with the umbrella). You cannot start a jump when your umbrella is raised but you can use it to control your flight in mid-air.

Trampolines provide a useful way of gaining height - try jumping up and down on the central area. The deadly massive Tarantulas lurking around in many of the caves must be given a wide berth if possible, however, if care is taken it is possible to walk safely on their backs! Manta-bats are useful allies; try walking onto the sensitive centre of their backs - when they've done their stuff, just jump off.

Both versions of Boffin feature full eight-name hi-score tables which include the game number with each score so you can easily keep track of your progress.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right
RETURN - Jump with..., * - Raise Umbrella, ? - Lower Umbrella
COPY/DELETE - Pause/Resume, Q/S - Sound Off/On, ESCAPE - Quit Game

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