Airball (1987) (Dragon 32)

Available For:
Amiga 500, Dragon 32 & Tandy Color Computer 2

Publisher: Microdeal
Author(s): Edward Scio & Paul Shields
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade; Oblique Projection Maze
Items: Airball (Microdeal, Cassette)

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"The evil Wizard from Wizard's Quest has turned you into a ball and sent you to the dungeons to find and return a spell-book so he can become a much more powerful wizard. You have to find the book before you can be turned back into a human!

Joysticks optional, for 1 player. Machine code.


You must avoid the spikes as the ball will burst if it touches them. The air pressure of the ball is shown by a bar at the bottom of the screen, and it is continually falling.

Should the pressure drop too far you will die. Pressure can be increased by jumping onto a pump. If the pressure goes too high to will burst!

If, after dying, you have any lives left you will restart the game on the last pump you had been on.

To pick up an object you should move the ball near to the object and press the spacebar. To drop an object also press the spacebar.

The object will not be dropped if there is no space for it. You can drop an object more precisely by pointing the joystick in the direction to drop. Easier control may be gained by turning the joystick 45 degrees to the right.

Game Controls

Joystick/Arrow Keys - Movement, Fire/SHIFT - Bounce, SPACE - Pick up/Drop

D - Switch between 4 and 8 directional movement
J/K - Joystick/Keyboard Control, P - Pause (Any key restarts)



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