Balldozer (1988) (Dragon 32)

Available For:
Dragon 32

Publisher: Kouga
Author(s): Stewart Orchard
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade; Clone Of Arkanoid
Items: Balldozer (Kouga, Cassette)

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Ball Dozer follows the simple breakout rule. Destroy all of the bricks without letting the ball pass below the bat. However, in an attempt to make life more interesting, bonuses float down the screen at set intervals.


These have the following useS:

C - Catch the ball next time it hits your bat ! - Allows your bat to move at double speed when fire is pressed L - Gives your bat a lazer P - Gives your ball extra power Down arrow - Slows down a fast-moving ball for ten seconds Up arrow - Lets you move onto the next screen (After collecting it, touch the far right wall)

Fast Ball

When half of the bricks have been destroyed, the ball will double in speed. You can change the angle that the ball travels in by hitting it with the edge of your bat, rather than in the middle.

If your ball gets caught in an endless cycle, just change the speed of the ball by collecting a downward arrow, and wait 10 seconds.

And Finally

Finally, after level 30, you are confronted by a...

Well, that would be telling.

Game Controls

Arrow Left/Right - Bat Left/Right SHIFT - Fire BREAK - Pause

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