Arcadia (1984) (Dragon 32)

Available For:
Commodore Vic 20, Dragon 32 & Spectrum 16K

Publisher: Imagine
Author(s): R. K. Lowry
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade; Shoot-'Em-Up
Items: Arcadia (Imagine, Cassette)

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Your command is the starship 'Arcadia'. The most sophisticated space technology ever devised is under your control, including the mind-shattering Ion Thrust drive, and the awesome power of dual Plasma Disruptor guns. This makes you the most powerful individual in the galaxy ... and in some quarters the most hated.

The Atarian nation has been steadily and inexorably extending its empire; quietly engulfing smaller, more vulnerable planets. It is now in a position of immense power, and poised to make a bid to enslave the entire galaxy.

The only force capable of repelling the Atarian hordes is under your command; the starship Arcadia. Every fibre of your body quivers with tension as you prepare to repel the initial thrust of the Atarian battle fleet.

Playing The Game

The spaceship Arcadia has been specially equipped with dual Plasma Disruptor guns and an Ion Thrust Drive in order to combat the deadly menace of the many alien races of the Atarian Empire. Your mission as commander of the Arcadia is quite simple - to destroy as many of the enemy as possible. Intelligence reports indicate that the Atarian fleets will attack in formation and are often quite suicidal in their methods. They will attack the Arcadia in waves, each wave lasting a set period of time before it breaks off the attack. If you manage to destroy the entire fleet within this time another fleet will attack you. If an alien race fails to destroy the Arcadia during this period a different race will resume the attack.

Good luck!

Status Lines

The status lines at the top of the screen show:

Player 1 score number of lives LEVEL
Player 2 score number of lives TIME


The score for each alien destroyed is the number of the current level.

Game Controls

There are a large number of keys which may be used. You should choose the combination with which you feel most comfortable.

To move left, all the keys on the bottom row beginning with Z then every alternate key from thereon, i.e. Z, C, B, etc.

To move right, the remaining keys on the bottom row enable you to move right, i.e. X, V, N, etc.

To thrust, any of the keys on the second row may be used, i.e. A, S, D, F, G, etc.

To fire your disruptor bolts, any of the keys on the third row may be used, i.e. Q, W, E, R, T, etc. If you have joysticks available you may plug them into the connector on the left side of the computer.

When using the joystick, pushing left or right will move the spaceship in that direction. Push forwards for thrust.

The fire button will fire the Plasma Distributors. You may also press the button when the screen says "PRESS ANY KEY".


Game Idea: D. H. Lawson
Dragon Implementation: R. K. Lowry



When music begins, stop cassette and press Space bar.

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