Treasure Tombe (1984) (Dragon 32)

A basic overhead flick-screen maze game done in the Dragon's lowest resolution mode with ascii characters as sprites.

Available For:
Dragon 32

Publisher: Dungeon
Author(s): Mike Meineck
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Overhead Maze Game
Items: Treasure Tombe (Dungeon, Cassette)

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Treasure Tombe

A real-time graphics adventure by Mike Meineck.

Although the castle on Glastonbury Mound has crumbled, the vast dungeon complex below remains intact. Before his death, Merlin placed Arthur's treasure in the vaults and conjured up a coven of his donjonspawn to stand guard. For all eternity, they prowl the pitch-black chambers, dedicated to kill foolhardy intruders.

The year is 1086 and a party of Normans have unearthed the collapsed entrance. vault. You squeeze through the jumble of shattered blocks and find yourself in a chamber where only the last glimmer of daylight penetrates.

Screw up your courage and prepare to explore...


Throughout the exploration, you will be represented by the symbol O.

There are 90 rooms in the Tomb complex and you can explore them by using the arrow keys to move around. To leave a room, move to one of the white doors and a new vault will appear. On the right of the screen, you will see any message that may be appropriate, together with the room number, a list of any possessions you are carrying and your current strength level. Room 1 is the exit vault, where no enemy will appear.

Enter the following as you move through the complex:

T ... to take an object that is within one space of you
F ... to fight an enemy
H ... for help to identify the symbols used
S ... to get your score so far (and then quit if you want to)
1-8 ... to drop the object shown against that number.

Your journey takes place in real time and your strength level will drop both by the passing of time and with the effort of moving around. It will also drop as you fight or are attacked. Enemy attacks take place in real time - you can't just sit and wonder what to do next. Fight or run or you're dead!

Scattered throughout the tomb are the 48 servants of Merlin, who will attack on sight. They usually stay in their own vault, but occasionally one of the most powerful - a Wizard - will chase you from room to room. The starting strength of each type of enemy is as follows:

Goblin ... 5300
Spook ... 6200
Phantom ... 7100
Vampire ... 8000
Ogre ... 8900
Devil ... 9800
Warlock ... 10700
Wizard ... 11600

The stronger the enemy, the harder they are to kill (and the more they drain your strength). You gain points by killing them and you lose points if your strength is reduced to nil. When this happens you may be transported back to Room 1, minus any possessions you had (which stay in the room you were in). You can increase your strength by taking any of Merlin's wine or elixir you may find, but be careful - the enemy can do the same, thereby depriving you!

There are 32 treasures of Gold, Silver, Pearls and Rubies lodged in the Tomb, but you only gain points for treasure dropped in Room 1.

Somewhere in the Tomb are the following objects which may help you:

TORCH ... to light the way
SWORD ... to fight the enemy
SHIELD ... to lessen the effect of enemy blows
WARP ... step in it to transport yourself and possessions to another room. You can carry it until needed.
BOMB ... drop it in front of an enemy for a quick victory. Don't step on it yourself though! Can be carried until required. If you don't take it, a goblin might hide it. (Merlin had already discovered the secrets of gunpowder.)

In some rooms, you will encounter fire or flood. You can pass through, but it will drain your strength. You may also find a tunnel in a room. If you go into it, you will come up in a different part of the vaults. Tunnels are dug by goblins, who sometimes fill them in again, so don't be surprised if one disappears when you are out of the room.

It is not an easy task to complete the full quest and incomplete attempts will be scored on achievement. Complete success (which is rewarded appropriately) is achieved by assembling all 32 treasures in Room 1, where your comrades can remove them in safety.



Game Credits

(c) Dungeon Software 1983
Joysticks not required

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