Puckman (1984) (Colour Genie)

A basic-looking Pacman clone where all characters are 8x8 sprites and move jerkily around.

Available For:
Colour Genie

Tags: pacman
Publisher: JD Tronics
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Pac-Man
Items: Puckman (JD Tronics, Cassette)

Screenshots (24)

Game Features

  1. Four ghosts
  2. Power pills
  3. Sound effects
  4. Top score
  5. Multiple screens
  6. 100% Machine code
  7. Dazzling colour graphics



Once the 'Ready' prompt appears, type:


Geneious Loading

Playing via the Genieous emulator? Note that Puckman contains two files and should therefore be loaded as follows:


File->Autostart file... Puckman_A.cas

Wait for the loading instructions to appear and disappear.

Then select:

Tape->Attach CAS... Puckman_B.cas

And the game will complete loading.

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