Geniepede (1984) (Colour Genie)

A fast centipede descent game where you must avoid various nasties and clear as many sheets as possible.

Available For:
Colour Genie

Tags: centipede
Publisher: Ipswich Software Factory
Author(s): R. Hamilton
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Centipede
Items: Geniepede (Ipswich Software Factory, Cassette)

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Geniepede is fun, demanding, stimulating and fast.

The Xerton subterrain is infested with Geniepedes which have one objective and that is to destroy the seeds which will provide your food for the long Xerton winter months.

Destroy all you can with your exterminator, but watch out for the spider and the scorpion who will ravage the fungi and the bugs who lay them down, all of which are intent on assisting the Geniepedes in their quest to nourish the bodies until they can go through their metamorphosis into the Genesi and take over the Xerton research station and its nuclear reactor!




Wait for the prompt *?, then type:


Genieous Loading

Geniepede is a two-part game, and so requires each part to be loaded sequentially. Part 1 is named 'Geniepede_A.cas' and Part 2 is named 'Geniepede_B.cas'. Instead of following the Loading instructions, do the following if loading via the Genieous emulator:


File->Autostart file... Geniepede_A.cas

Wait for the loading screen to appear (It will be pretty much instantaneous).

Then select:

Tape->Attach CAS... Geniepede_B.cas

And the game will complete loading.

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