A10 Bomber (1984) (Colour Genie)

Available For:
Colour Genie

Publisher: Ipswich Software Factory
Author(s): R. Hamilton
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Moonraider
Items: A10 Bomber (Ipswich Software Factory, Cassette)

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Scramble? So, you think you've seen them all?

Well, here comes A10 Bomber, the ultimate in Scramble games with the most exact graphics and sound yet put into a home computer.

Seven different play screens with various levels of play will taunt you as you endeavour to pass through the hazards of space to attack the Globe, fortress of the Zelon forces who strive to overtake the solar system and rule with merciless domination!

You are the pilot of the A10 Bomber. Your mission is to fight off the Zelon forces, destroy the Globe Fortress so you can stop their ruthless attack on the Solar System.

Your Weapons

You are equipped with a machine gun (activated by pressing the REPEAT key) and bombs (activated by pressing the SPACE bar).

Game Controls

Arrow Keys - Move, REPEAT - Fire Gun, SPACE - Drop Bomb


You receive a bonus ship for every 10,000 points.



When you receive the *? prompt, type:


If using the Genieous emulator, be aware that you will need to attach the file named "A10_Bomber_A.cas", load it with the above commands, and then attach "A10_Bomber_B.cas" after the loading screen is displayed.

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