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Invasion Auf Dem Weltraum (1982) (Colour Genie)

A very smooth Space Invaders game, where the invaders begin progressively lower to your base and speed up considerably as their numbers are depleted.

Available For:
Colour Genie

Tags: space, invaders
Publisher: Harald Boegeholz
Author(s): Harald Boegeholz
On-Screen Language: German
Genre: Game
Items: Invasion Auf Dem Weltraum (Harald Boegeholz, Cassette)

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The Game

You know the drill, right? A selection of multi-coloured invaders has decided they like Earth, and so they'll take it. They are now descending towards it - slowly - and you're in charge of the planet's last line of defence.

Game Controls

Arrow Left/Right - Move Left/Right, Arrow Up - Fire

Press S to commence play. Further instructions on-screen.




And wait for the prompt:


Then type


And wait for the prompt:

Then type


to start the game.

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