Kong (1983) (Colour Genie)

A version of Donkey Kong for the Colour Genie with layouts similar to the original arcade.

Available For:
Colour Genie

Publisher: Algray
Author(s): Stuart Sampson
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Donkey Kong
Items: Kong (Algray, Cassette)

Screenshots (11)



The Walking, Jumping, Climbing, Barrel Bashing, Lift Leaping, Falling, Spring Ducking, Fire Risking Gorilla Bating game! Kong has captured the heroine and wrecked the city, floors are all askew, lifts and conveyors run untamed, pockets of leaking gas burn blue.

Game Controls

Left Arrow - Left, Right Arrow - Right, Up Arrow - Climb, Down Arrow - Descend, SHIFT - Jump

Joysticks can also be used for this game.

You will jump in the direction you are facing.

BREAK restarts the game with zero score.



At the *? prompt, type:


When loading is complete, the title page will appear.

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