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Repton 3 (Commodore 64/128)

Collect all of the diamonds from each of the overhead mazes - but beware falling rocks and marauding monsters.

Available For:
Acorn Electron, BBC/Electron & Commodore 64/128

Tags: overhead maze, repton, scrolling
Publisher: Superior
Author(s): Graham Owen, Mark Robinson, Matthew Atkinson, Paul Hughes, Peter Clarke, Richard Kay & Tim Tyler
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Boulder Dash
Items: Repton 3 (Superior, Cassette)

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The Game

Our original Repton game was immediately acclaimed as a refreshingly new concept: a game requiring dexterity to complete its arcade-style elements and clear logical thinking to solve its strategic puzzles. Repton involves retrieving treasure whilst avoiding falling rocks, fearsome monsters and haunting spirits. "This is an astounding game reaching new heights in BBC arcade adventures," enthused The Micro User magazine.

Repton 2, released last Christmas, was larger and much more challenging than before. Acorn User wrote "Repton 2 is better than anything I've played on the BBC Micro or Electron. Brilliant!"

Now available for the Commodore, Amstrad, BBC Micro and Electron, we proudly present Repton 3. A screen-designer is included for devising your own game screens. There is also a character designer which enables you to redesign any or all of the game's characters.

Repton 3 is much larger than its predecessors - it has 24 fascinating screens. All the favourite Repton characters have been retained, together with several new ones: a creeping poisonous fungus, time bombs, time capsules and golden crowns.

Can you complete Repton 3?



Game Credits

Game Author: Richard Kay
Assistant Programmer: Mark Robinson
Game Screens: Tim Tyler & Matthew Atkinson
Music: Paul Hughes & Peter Clarke
Loading Screen Design: Graham Owen
Loading Screen Speech Synthesis: David Hoskins

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